Friday, December 08, 2006

Secret Service Sieves

The Dutch journalists arrested a few days ago for possessing classified information of the Dutch internal Secret Service (AIVD) have been released.

The journalists had obtained the information from a source inside the AIVD or another part of the security buraucracy.

The latest news is that there is another leak in the Secret Sieve. This Secret Service man is said to have left the AIVD after "integrity concerns". This is according to the laywer of Paul H. a suspected employee of the AIVD (Dutch) who allegedly traded state secrets.

The second leak was part of the AIVD investigation of Mink Kok, a notorius Dutch Arms trader.


Ferdy said...

Wake up Snouk!

You're in the news, see Katholiek Nederland (Dutch):

Snouck said...


the article basically seems to suggest we should go to sleep an that we have been an Islamic country for centuries, due to the connection with Indonesia.

'nuff said.



Ferdy said...

Well if the WRR names you in their publications, you know what to expect, don't you? The last time I hearth from them, the WRR was complaining that people wouldn't seen the positive influence Sharia law also could have, especially for woman.

But lets stay positive; this report may actual lead to some renewed interest in your writings Snouck.