Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Registry - Rigspula

The Dutch Ministry of Justice has created a special registry, a database, for Caribians from the Dutch Antilles.

"Antillians" are citizens of the realm and can travel freely to The Netherlands, although Dutchborn have to go through immigration procedures to live in the Dutch Antilles.

Antillians are known for their propensity to be violent criminals, using knives and Tanfoglio pistols.

Thus the registry was created to enable municipalities to know whether Antillians they encounter have criminal antecedents.


Rig, sometimes known as Heimdall,
visited an ancient poor couple.
He, Ai, and Edda shared the bed
For three nights, and Rig left.
Nine months later, Edda had a son
Named Thrall.
Thrall married Slavery.
They had boys:
Noisey, Byreboy, Roughneck, and Horsefly.
They had daughters:
Lazybones, Beanpole, Fatty."

I wonder about one thing. Who are the "enthralled" here?

The register is important because Antillians are very mobile and constantly on the move.

The council for Caribians has protested against the registry and compared it to measures against the Jews in the Second World War.

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