Thursday, December 07, 2006

More terror coming to the USA

The G.W. Bush administration has sold the Iraq war to the American public arguing that occupying and "transforming" Iraq is central to the war on terrorism. Fight the terrorists in Iraq, so they do not come to the USA. However, G.W. Bush is at the same time maintaining that "Islam is a Religion of Peace" and is admitting a hundred thousand legal Muslim immigrants to the USA, in addition to the uncounted multitudes of Muslims that cross the borders of the USA illegally, together with the Mexican invaders.

Certainly there are Jihadists amongst them. Some of them come with Jihadist intent, others get Jihad when the spirit wills it.

But there is another source of terrorism coming to the USA.

From its own soldiers in Iraq!

"Last week, one of my students, a Marine captain, asked whether I had heard a news report about an “IED-like device” supposedly found near Cincinnati, and if I thought we would soon start seeing IEDs here in the U.S. I replied that I had not heard the news story, but as to whether we would see IEDs here at home, the answer is yes.

One of the things U.S. troops are learning in Iraq is how people with little training and few resources can fight a state. Most American troops will see this within the framework of counterinsurgency. But a minority will apply their new-found knowledge in a very different way. After they return to the U.S. and leave the military, they will take what they learned in Iraq back to the inner cities, to the ethnic groups, gangs, and other alternate loyalties they left when they joined the service. There, they will put their new knowledge to work, in wars with each other and wars against the American state. It will not be long before we see police squad cars getting hit with IEDs and other techniques employed by Iraqi insurgents, right here in the streets of American cities."

That's right folks! Terrorism is easy! It is affordable too!

"We will see the same thing here, powerfully I think, as a result of our defeat in Iraq. It will manifest itself in many ways, and one of those ways will be the progression of inner-city and gang crime into something close to warfare, including war against the state.

Police will not be surprised by this prediction. I have talked with cops about Fourth Generation war, and they “get it” much better than do American soldiers and Marines. Many have told me that they already recognize elements of war in what they are encountering, especially in inner cities. Cops have been killed while just sitting in their cruisers, because they represent the authority of the state. How big a step is it for those cruisers to get hit with IEDs instead of pistol shots?"

The police is better equipped mentally to understand "war against the state" than the US Military, which is institutionally geared towards state on state warfare.

"... [bring] “terrorism” here from among the people we have sent to fight the war there. Well educated in the ways of successful insurgency, they will come home embittered by a lost war, by friends dead and crippled for life to no purpose. Thanks to America’s de-industrialization, they will return to no jobs, or lousy “service” jobs at minimum wage. Angry, frustrated and futureless, some of them will find new identities and loyalties in gangs and criminal enterprises, where they can put their new talents to work."

The failed policy of the US State in anwer to 9-11 will turn the very people the US has send to fight terrorism into terrorist. And so the state is tearing itself apart.


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