Monday, February 13, 2006

Iraqi Sniper rifle with video scope

I found some pictures of an Israeli sniper rifle with a video camera intergrated into the scope. It can be the kind of weapon Juba is using. Scroll down to the SECOND picture from the top. The link to the Rafael Armaments website does not supply further info as far as I can tell.


Esther said...

I don't know about the technology, but the assertion on this page is of course ridiculous.

It's along the same lines as saying that the Jews are behind publishing the Mohammed cartoons as well as organizing the Muslim riots against them.

Snouck said...

Yes, well the Jews are great because whenever there is a problem we can always blame them. If they did not exist they should be invented.

There is a link in the webpage to the Rafael webs site, but it shows video controlled turrets and not scope camera's. I found lots of pages on sniper scopes and lots of pages with camera's but this is the only page were they show a picture of a rifle with a scope cam. The scope cam is a good example of a Western weapons technology that can used by the loosely organised and lightly armed Muslims and other groups of terrorists to great effect. The effect of this weapon media combination is to make propaganda for recruitment and fundraising.

I am sure that the members of the Hofstadgroup had this film on their pc's. This is the stuff that Muslim kids in Amsterdam are downloading at the internet shop around the corner when the come out of school. And they believe in the similar weird Jew-biting stuff as the American guy who created the web page that I linked to.
You hear crazy stuff when you talk to them.

If you have a good link to a pic of a sniper cam scope, Israeli or non - Israeli I will replace it.

Btw, I bet this technology is already copied by the Chinese, Japanese or Koreans. Perhaps Juba is using a rip-off of the Israeli products.



Charles Martel said...

israel is the eighth biggest exporter of arms in the world.

$500 million of exports in 2004.

its not hard to imagine them selling it to an arms dealer, who sells it on to some country, where it somehow ends up in the hands of Juba.

Charles Martel said...

aack. bad link

correct one here