Monday, February 13, 2006

British Obtuseness

The Telegraph, a British publication, takes me as an example of the "European Tribal Right" (my hearts bursts with pride) and quotes:

"To take a random sample,a Dutch blogger, Snouck, argues the Egyptian discovery renders all subsequent Muslim protests bogus. He writes: "That is it. Let's not pay more attention to this affair. Only to refer to it to point out that the presense of Muslims is totally irreconcilable with our societies. They just do not belong here. Kick Muslims OUT of Europe."

His commentary:

Well, apparently it would seem they are, especially when that Muslim newspaper was publishing them to condemn them. To be flippant, I am allowed to mock my family, others are not. To be less flippant, human beings react to context.

This is obtuse. We have seen this from the BBC too. There are explanations why the Cartoons are offensive to Muslims, stating that Islam and Muslims are depicted in a derogatory manner. But this is not the cause of the anger. The Muslims allege sacrilege and blasfemy. And they want to impose their beliefs on the Danes and on the other Westerners. We have to jump through their theological hoops.

In the Christian tradition, which is the tradition of the West it is understood that God has to be approached with fear and trembling. But the Prophets and Apostels are just human beings, they can be depicted and ridiculed.

Perhaps to some Muslims the prophet Mohammed must be held to a different standard. Well, that is their standard and not our standard. If they want us to respect their standard they should not approach us with violence and threats of violence as is happening in Europe and the Middle East. That is not the way we do things here and it is unacceptable. Especially in the light of the other violence against non-Muslims through crime and terrorism. There is a disturbing pattern there that gets sinister meaning when it is underscored by the threats to destroy and kill.

The Telegraph writer continues:
"It is interesting that not every depiction of the Prophet Mohammed appears to be banned by Islam - and it was the blogosphere that taught me that fact. It is important that politicians and clerics used the cartoon row for their own ends. But does that all mean that not one moderate, reasonable Muslim was offended by the cartoons' publication in Europe? I cannot believe that."

Actions speak louder than words. The crime rates and the rapes and harassment of women showed me a long time ago that there is an substantial element amongst the Muslims that is hostile to the West and sees violence against unbelievers as legitimate. Politicians such as Geert Wilders and Ayaan are under death threat because of it. Theo van Gogh got killed 500 meters from this house, for insulting an imported creed.

Telegraph concludes:
"I do not care about what fanatical Muslims think, I am never going win them over. But, I do have a glum confidence that this whole cartoon row has made at least some moderate, educated, integrated European Muslims feel deliberately offended, and under siege. There are no simple ways out of this one, and the Left and the Right cannot wish this crisis away."

I agree. But who got us into this mess? Was it not a Multicultural Left's idea that we are all equal and will get along once we get to know each other? And their insistence that anyone who disagreed at least - o horror - a racist?

This Telegraph writer is very nice, a Liberal. The problem with Liberals is they can not take sides in a fight, not even their own side. We are in a fight. We Dutch and Danes have to stand by our own kind and we have to stand together in Europe that is betrayed and sold out by the elites. I have a certain grudging respect for those Muslims who stand up for Holiness and who are willing to fight and sacrifice for it.

But the Leftists/Liberals? I waste not even my piss on them.

Co-existing with the Muslims? We are indeed quickly losing common ground with them, because of their lack of respect for us and also it is true that we Westerners do not really respect them and understand any concept of sacrality anymore. This is our loss and will be to our detriment.

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