Monday, February 13, 2006

An Osiraq style attack

Snouck - What are your views about pulling off an Osirak ?

(IK refers to the 1981 attack by 12 Israeli F-16 Fighters on the Osiraq nuclear power plant near Bagdad. The plant was used by the Iraqi's to built nuclear weapons. The attack destroyed the nuclear core of the reactor with stunning accuracy, just before it was going to be used to burn uranium).

Very difficult. I understand that the Iranians are hiding their facility deep underground and that presently there are not weapons able to penetrate so deeply, neither conventional (bunker busters) nor nuclear weapons. So disabling the Iranian nuclear program would require a military occupation of areas in Iran to search for the facilities and to destroy them. It would be difficult and risky to pull off, especially if the facilities would not be found quickly. Facilities hidden in urban areas would be most difficult to dismantle, due to the difficulty of fighting in urban terrain.

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