Monday, October 31, 2005

SWAT team assaulting "Hofstadgroep" Safe house insufficiently briefed

The SWAT team tasked with the assault on a terrorist hide-away in the "Laakkwartier" neighbourhood in The Hague was not properly briefed about the dangers, according to the Police Union ACP. Two policemen got injured during the assault.

The Police Union came to this conclusion on the basis of the transcripts of the wiretap records between the occupiers of the safehouse. The News and commentary program "Nova" showed parts of the transcripts during a broadcast the previous week and put it on its website. The transcript shows that Jason W. and Ismael A. made comments and allusions to throwing handgranades and excercised the use of pistols. This information was known to the internal security service (AIVD) but was not passed on to the SWAT team. Perhaps the AIVD were short of phones to pass on any information to the police?

Asked for comment the secretary of the Police Union ACP W. van der Pal said that "it could not be" that relevant information was kept by the AIVD from a SWAT team about to put itself in harm's way. In the opinion of the secretary nothing has changed in the cooperation of the AIVD with the police and such things could happen again in a similar instance in future.

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