Monday, October 31, 2005

Mohammed Bouyeri the Slayer

Mohammed Bouyeri (Amsterdam, March 8, 1978), is one of the members of the notorious “Hofstad” terror cell who killed Dutch Filmmaker Theo van Gogh.

Bouyeri was born in Amsterdam, son of first generation Moroccan immigrants. He has dual Dutch and Moroccan nationality. On the second of November he killed Van Gogh, execution style, while the Cineast was bicycling from his house to the film studio, where he was finishing a film about the political assasination of Pim Fortuyn (06-06).

It had been the ambition of Bouyeri to kill Parliamentarian Ayaan Hirsi Ali, for writing the script of “Submission” a film about the plight of women under Islam. Due to the heavy guard protecting Hirsi Ali 24 by 7, the filmmaker was targeted instead.

On November 2, 2004, Bouyeri the Slayer emptied several clips of his pistol in order to shoot and injure Van Gogh. Then he proceeded to finish his job with 2 knives. The second knive was also used to pin a declaration and verdict to the body of Van Gogh.

After the assassination the killer walked away, perfectly steady and composed. Addressing pedestrians who questioned him. He entered the nearby park (Oosterpark) crossed it and emerged on the street on the other side of the park, near a school. Here he was discovered by police cars that were racing to the site of the murder and shot in his leg after a short but furious gunfight.

In a bizarre twist a Moroccan lad, stealing a bag from the car of a black motorist, was killed by the motorist when she backed her car and crushed him between a tree and the car, not more than 50 meters from the location on the bicycle path were Van Gogh was killed. Rumours have it that the woman was possessed by Van Goghs revenge bend spirit.

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