Monday, October 31, 2005

The bloody Edges of Islam

Islam is a warrior religion. Mohammed forged Islam from the different strands of a tribal culture of desert fighters, where increasing martial face and avoidance of loss of face are prime shapers of society's ethics.

Where Islamic society and other national or religious traditions overlap there are bloody edges. We see them:
between Jew and Muslim in Israel,
between the Orthodox and Catholic Christians of the Balkan,
between the Chechens and the Russians,
between the Turkmen of Xinjiang in Western China and in Kashmir in India and
between the Black Kufaar of Southern Soedan and the Islamist Janjaweed militia and Islamist government,
between Christian and other minority sects and Muslims of established Islamic states of the Middle East and finally,
between Native populations of Europe's urban centres being ethnically cleansed out of their native neighbourhoods by Muslim immigrants

there appear the battered and bloody edges of Islam's will to fight, kill and die, to dominate, to loot, to tax and to raid. Clearly Islam (Submission) is not for sissies.

The latest outrage that hit the news is an bomb attack by a splinter group that calls itself:
Inquilab Mehez who hit the Indian city of New Delhi during the preparation of Diwali, a pagan holiday of light. Sixty were killed on the markets and in the streets. The attacks solely targeted civilians, there were no military casualties.

These warriors have forgotten how to fight honorably. Instead of attacking the enemies military forces they constantly hit civilians. Instead of overcoming man's natural abhorrance of death they put themselves in situations were death is the only option and were it is quick and painless, without the preparations and the accomplishment of the warrior.

We are not impressed.

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