Monday, October 31, 2005

Commemoration of the murder of Van Gogh

Next Wednesday there will be a ceremony for the commemoration of the murder of Dutch Cineast Theo van Gogh.

Because Snouck lives in the neighbourhood, he will be there...

Prime Minister Balkenende, Mayor Cohen and several other supremely unimportant people will be there to make a speech. The Van Gogh Family will not attend the ceremony.


Don Miguel said...

Does the Dutch film industry treat Theo van Gogh like Hollywood does? In others, pretend that he wasn't murdered and never existed.

Snouck said...

Well, film makers have been apporached with the question to make a film about Theo van Gogh, but they are afraid to be killed, so no film.

OTOH several people in the industry, including the most sexy woman on earth, soapy Katja Schuurman, keep making favorable comments about him. The press IS keeping him alive. You have to understand that the Dutch Film industry is a very small clique of people, mostly people without much vision who are locked in the subsidized film industry. This is why Paul Verhoeven went to the USA.