Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Queen of The Netherlands shows Multi-cultural colour again

The figurehead of Multi-cultural ideology

The heraldic colour of the Dutch Royal family is orange. But ideologically the present Queen Beatrix colours red and in the present day and age that means she supports Multi-culturalism.

After the negotiations for a right wing coalition ran to the ground last Friday, the chairman of the negotiations or informateur Mr. Ivo Opstelten had to give up his position.

The Queen then appointed another informateur. It is the second time he was appointed. The previous time he had to chair the negotiations for a left wing coalition. It is Tjeenk Willink, the Head of the Council of State. After Tjeenk Willink spoke to all the left wing last time he made a final report to the Queen as is his job. He added an addendum stating that in order to protect the core values of The Netherlands it would be necessary to maintain the principle of non-discrimination ridgidly, down even to immigration policy. This means that Mr. Willink favours continued mass-immigration in the face of the considerable electoral victory of anti immigration parties Freedom Party (PVV) and right liberal VVD.

Incredibly this ideologue has now been appointed as chair of the new negotiations of the new round of negotiations again.

PVV's Geert Wilders already called for Tjeenk Willink's replacement.

Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold

Dutch society is losing its anchors. Political parties and politicians are weakening, as is the judiciary, the police and the Church. The Queen by expressing her favour for Multi-Culturalism so strongly and partisanly is undermining another anchor of Dutch society: the Monarchy. Society is splintered and unstable and the people at the top are hastening the unravelling of the social and political fabric. It is an incredible spectacle. Greatly saddening.

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