Thursday, September 09, 2010

The right wing says: give it another try

Sultan Wilders shows his magnanimity

After the Christian Democrat (CDA) MP Ab Klink, who busted the coalition talks, left Parliament on Monday the road was open to restart the talks. Initially Freedom PArty (PVV) Geert Wilders refused saying there were still two ant PVV MPs left in the CDA. But on Tuesday he relented. Chief Christian Democrat (CDA) agreed. That evening the leader of the right liberal VVD Rutte announced to the press that the negotiations would indeed be restarted. This embarrassed the Queen of The Netherlands. According to the protocol she has to be informed first and act first. The act she could have done is to appoint another chairman (informateur) of the negotiations.

Dividing the spoils

Rutte was hauled over the coals about his gaffe in parliament. But the negotiations continued and apparently most issues have been hammered into a settlement (regeeraccoord) out and what is left is mostly the VVD and CDA rewarding themselves with the minister and deputy minister positions.

Let's see what happens

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