Monday, September 06, 2010

Geert Wilders is taking charge

The true focus of the political game

In my opinion the Freedom Party (PVV) is becoming increasingly dominant in Dutch politics. Politics is increasingly revolving around Geert Wilders the PVV and its program for years. Politicians who want to make a name for themselves, do so by publicly opposing the PVV program and by expressing their hostility to Geert Wilders. This is seen in the come back from oblivion by leftist D66 under Pechtold.

Today is Mr. Wilders' 47th birthday and this is a good occassion to focus on his and his party's achievements so far.

Getting closer

Recently Wilders' dominance is coming sharper into focus. Last Friday the attempts to the formation of a right wing coalition with the PVV ended over the expression of refusal and opposition of three CDA members to alliance with the PVV. The CDA is split over their approach to Multiculturalism and the internal conflict is made flesh in this refusal of Ab Klink and the other two CDA rebels. This again shows the centrality of the PVV in the political proces. Furthermore it was Geert Wilders who withdrew from the negotiations after declaring the unreliability of the torn Christian Democrats (CDA). Mr. Wilders showed his dominance by taking this action.

The axing of the rebel

Finally today Ab Klink, the CDA rebel, left parliament politically broken, a fact which has been noticed by all those who are in active politics. Just one week after Mr. Klink wrote his letter expressing his opposition to continuing negotiating for a coalition with the tacit support of the PVV he has been forced to remove himself from the stage of national politics, probably for good. The message is clear, this is what happens when one opposes the PVV.

Not bad for a party which was started just four years ago.

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