Thursday, September 02, 2010

Broadening the base

Christian Democrat unreliability

This blog previously featured a piece mentioning that even if a right wing minority cabinet with tacit support of the Freedom Party (PVV) is established it will not amount to much. The three parties have a minimum majority. 76 out of 150 seats. With various members of the Christian Democrats unreconciled to the idea of having to actually implement measures against mass immigration and multiculturalism the government will not be able to be very effective. Therefore it will be unsatisfactory for all participants both the CDA, the right-liberal VVD or the PVV. One way to diminish such problems is by broadening the base of the cabinet beyond the present 76 MPs that it counts. By pulling a fourth party into the settlement.

Two extra MPs

For instance by pulling an orthodox Christian party, the SGP, into the coalition the base will be broadened  from 76 to 78. With a mere 78 MPs the defection of up to two MPs from the CDA will be meaningless.

Permanent alliance shifting

This is doable. A minority government settlement (regeeraccoord)  is going to be more loose, allow more leeway than the very narrow contractual settlements that rule two party majority coalitions. It is possible to find agreement from issue to issue and vote to vote. There will be temporary coalitions formed in order to pass any vote and the pace of passing legislation will be much lower than has been the custom. This is a boon from a conservative point of view.

Politics will be in constant flux and be hard for the people to follow. This will lower the standing of politics and politicians even more than is now the case.

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