Friday, September 03, 2010

Christian democrats dragged along kicking and screaming 3

The CDA opposition to Wilders

The negotiations to create a new right-wing coalition are marred by the unreliability of some of the Christian Democrat (CDA) MPs. Yesterday this blog featured an article about an option to enlist the support of the orthodox Christian SGP-party. This party with two MPs would extent the right-wing majority from 76 to 78. In case of wavering in the CDA two MPs could refuse to support a proposed bill. However the number of CDA MPs who are hostile to co-operation with the Freedom Party (PVV) is three.

What are their names?
Their names are:
- Ab Klink;
- Adriaan Koppejan;
- Katleen Ferrier.

Interestingly the latter is an immigrant from former Dutch colony Surinam. Ab Klink was on the negotiating team, negotiating for an agreement to form a right-wing government with the tacit support of the PVV.

What can be done?

Is there an options to replace the MPs by the party leadership? According to Dutch electoral law (Kieswet) MPs are elected to their seat on their personal title and not on a party ticket. The MP owns his seat and the party does not. The party is just a club or association (vereniging). The number of three rebellious Christian Democrats is a serious impedient to the formation of an effective right-wing cabinet.

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