Thursday, September 02, 2010

Christian democrats dragged along kicking and screaming 2

Towards a right-wing government

The rebellion amongst the Christian Democrat (CDA) negotiating team has been surpressed. The leadership of the Christian-Democrats (CDA) has resolved to continue the negotiations to form a minority cabinet. This is a cabinet of right-liberals (VVD) and CDA with the tacit support of the populist Freedom Party (PVV).

Heads roll

The instigator of the unrest, negotiator and MP Ab Klink has been removed from the two men negotiating team. He has been replaced by Ank Bijleveld, who will continue to try to create a settlement which will find acceptance with the VVD and PVV.

Whether this will end the troubles afflicting the CDA is unlikely. They will continue to prove unreliable, even though all 21 MPs of the CDA agreed to continue negotiating.

Steaming ahead

Meanwhile the PVV is already e-mailing its volunteers to prepare them to assist in the campaign for the Provinces and the Senate in March 2011. Perhaps we will even have a new cabinet by then.

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