Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Appeasement in Gouda

Gouda has a history of violence by Muslim youth

The Dutch town of Gouda has been plagued by violence by Muslim youth for a long time. Usually the violence is committed by groups of youngsters of Moroccan origin, as featured in posts on this blog in November 2008. Today De Telegraaf featured an article which showed how the Gouda authorities are dealing with troublemakers. They give the trouble makers money to organize a party on New Years Eve in order to avoid Muslim rioting. The De Telegraaf article revealed that the municipality had given 2,250 Euro to the rioters to hire a DJ and cater a party.

Moral Hazard

This a move is a moral hazard. It is an incentive to rioters and criminals. In another Dutch provincial town there were race riots on New Years Eve between Moluccan and Moroccan Muslim youth, which featured in the news prominently. Obviously reality diverges from the Multi-Cultural idyll. With the Wilders trial in the background news such as this provide a constant source of illustration of Geert Wilders and other opponents of the Multi-Cultural society.

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