Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Liberal Lying about benefits of immigration

Are immigrants public charges?

In July last year PVV (Freedom Party) MP Sietse Fritsma asked the Dutch Government by way of Integration Minister Eberhart van der Laan what the cost of immigration was to the Dutch taxpayer. Mr. Van der Laan refused to answer, which increases the suspicion many Dutchmen have that immigration is only a boon to the immigrants and not to the Dutch. Minister Van der Laan motivated the refusal by saying that it is wrong for the state to calculate the costs of immigrants broken down by country of origin. A parlementarian majority supported him.

Or are they an economic benefit?

Minister van der Laan visited Morocco from 7 to 11 February. During the visit he stated to newspaper "Le Matin" that
immigrants from Morocco are an economic benefit to The Netherlands.
In a reaction PVV leader Geert Wilders and MP Sietse Fritsma asked the Minister how he could know that, as he had refused to calculate it in July 2009.

Liberalism and equality

In conclusion: to the Liberal mind that everybody worldwide is equal and all cultures are equal is a foregone conclusion. So it does not have to be researched. When a Liberal is confronted with the question whether non-western immigrants he realizes that non-western immigrants cost more than they bring in material advantage. In order to remain liberal Liberals will the knowledge away. And soon they will revert to the belief that all people and cultures are equal.

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