Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pim Fortuyn shows his true colours

The night of Fortuyn

Two counter-jihadists who go by the nom de guerres of Vlad Tepes and VH have translated and subtitled many Dutch videos which have been given wider circulation on the GoV blog. One that really needed to be subtitled is a part from a documentary "The night of Fortuyn". This documentary shows the night of the coup against Pim Fortuyn on 10 February 2002. Fortuyn had been a leader and spokesman of the Leefbaar Nederland party. The party board had appointed Fortuyn in order to challenge the cartel of political parties that run the Netherlands. When Fortuyn during a Volkskrant interview showed himself hostile to mass immigration of Muslims the leadership demanded that he either resign or promise not to make any anti-immigration and anti-islamic remarks anymore. Fortuyn refused to shut up and at some point late at night he gave his motives for doing so in an tirade which was filmed. In this he gave vent not only to his own rage but to the rage of many Dutchmen and it explains the popularity of his platform and Geert Wilders' platform. If you are not Dutch and you wonder where the support for Geert Wilders and the PVV (Freedom Party) is coming from here is part of the answer.

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