Friday, November 06, 2009

More on Jews and Muslims in Holland

A while ago this blog featured exerpts from an interview with Mr. Henri Markens, a principal of a Jewish school in Amsterdam. At the time a commenter, Rob, questioned the representativity of Mr. Markens. I corraborated Mr. Markens' story with another article on the threat from Muslims to Jews in The Netherlands. Esther's Islam in Europe Blog today had another recent article from Leftist daily Het Parool and it again very bluntly shows the danger to the Jewish minority by the Muslim minority.

It does not matter whether this blogger brings this story out of concern for the Jews or out of enmity to the Muslims. The bigger point is that the multicultural ideology is wrong. Different cultures in the same social and political space can be toxic to each other. Separating cultures and nations keeps the peace.

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