Thursday, November 05, 2009

Liberalism connects the issues of our time

Kleinverzet wrote a post on the need to get out of the Afghanistan. One of his commenters DP111 reacted with a comment that I reproduce fully:
I have a problem. In fact there are three little big problems

1. We have a situation, when at first sight there is really no need for us to interfere in Afghanistan. There is again no reason to undertake nation building, when the locals are more then happy to be how they have been for centuries.

Despite this, huge amounts of money, and worse, casualties sustained, almost all Western countries are engaged in Afghanistan in one form or another, and insist on staying the course for as long it takes. It takes to do what?

What the hell is going on?

2. The Anthropogenic Global Climate Change issue. From what I can see, the whole object seems to be to raise lots of money, and then hand it over to Third world countries, mainly in Africa, for the foreseeable future. As it must be obvious to anyone, all the money will be pilfered or wasted by corrupt African dictators. So why do politicians from the Western world insist on continuing.

3. The Lisbon treaty. The whole thing is a sham. Cameron is in fact mightily pleased that the Czech president has signed, or he would have been in the invidious position of having to come up with a devious excuse why he couldn’t hold a referendum.

What the hell is going on?

Let us assume first that our politicians are not total idiots, who care not if they are elected or not.

In all three of the above, politicians across Europe and the West, are in lockstep over issues that they normally would have been falling out over. As politicians, they would see that they could exploit these issues to get into power. And yet they stand firm.

It is unlikely that all Western politicians in power or in major opposition, in almost all Western countries, are out of their minds. It is also unlikely that they do not see their increasingly unpopularity with the electorate. They must know that can be un-elected, or be rejected, and yet they stand firm.

Why? Why such lockstep on all three of the most contentious issues in the West?
In short commenter DP111 says: Why? Why such lockstep on all three of the most contentious issues in the West?

Snouck's Commentary: The 3 issues are linked to the ruling ideology of the day: Liberalism. The highest idea of Liberalism is the idea of equality.

So to see: 1. Under Liberalism Afghanistan must be equal. Tthat Afghanistan can not be made a western style nation-state because it is Islamic and tribal is impossible.

2. Global warming as a ploy to hand over money to Africa. Africa is the most glaring proof showcasing that the races are not equal. Any material sacrifice to make Africa equal to the West is therefore justified, in order to rescue the ruling ideology.

3. All European nations must be equal too under Liberalism. The existence of national differences is an abhorrence and these differences must be eradicated under the EU project. The EU project is the logical outcome of Liberalism.

...Let us assume first that our politicians are not total idiots...
Our politicians may be intelligent or stupid but their mental toolbox is filled with all the ideas that Liberalism permits. They act in the interest of their political class and its interests. The best they can do when reality and ideology do not match in a big way is by allowing an unprincipled exeption.

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