Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dutch civic leadership too White

The Amsterdam Advisory Council for Diversity released a report stating that the leadership of civic society in Amsterdam is dominated by White people. The Chairperson of the council, Ankie Verlaan stated:
Amsterdam is almost entirely run by white Dutch people. There is hardly anyone from an immigrant background on the boards of directors of any of the capital city’s private or public organisations. Members of the establishment simply pass on the top jobs to old university friends, and non-Dutch people are excluded.
As the majority of the Amsterdam population is non-white the leadership of Amsterdam civic society is not representative of the Amsterdam population.
The 66 directors and board members of Amsterdam housing corporations include not a single immigrant. In social services organisations, not one of the 46 directors has a non-Dutch background. A similar picture emerges in higher education, where there are only four immigrants out of 70 board members, and in the cultural sector the proportion is just two out of 48.
So six out of 220 top slots are filled by minorities. The Dutch elite is Liberal. Non-discrimination is the highest liberal goal, the centre piece of Liberal ideology. The question is whether the liberal elite has this goal out of material self interest. Or whether they are willing to pursue Liberalism iven if it means their displacement.

Ankie Verlaan continues:
there is a “dominant white culture” within organisations which is hard to break through. She says that although boards of directors and supervisory boards are not deliberately excluding people from ethnic minority backgrounds, the problem is they simply don’t know people from these communities. And people in top jobs tend to pass on positions to people in their own circle of friends and acquaintances.
It seems that the advisory council dissaproves of minorities being underrepresented in civic leadership. What I find strange is that liberalism posits that all people are the same and compativble. But if a Black, Muslim or Asian connot be represented by a White person, than that gives a lie to the notion of equality and compatibility.

Finally Ankie Verlaan states:
It’s a typical Dutch phenomenon. You go to university, you join a typical student fraternity with a white culture, and that’s where you know everybody, and all your life they remain your circle of friends, and that’s what you draw on.
That a manifest lie. All over the world nations are represented by people from their own nation. In fact, between 1945 and 1960 the nations of Africa and Asia all managed to rid themselves of colonial represntation in favour of indigenous representation. It is just the Liberal West which tries to break their own nations.

The end goal of Liberalism is the destruction of the West and its incorporation into the Middle East. Liberalism is the treasonous behaviour by Western elites.

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