Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Geert Wilders is a Jew

Geert Wilders is part Jewish

According to Dr. Lizzy van Leeuwen Geert Wilders' grandmother on his mother's side is Johanna Meijer a Jewess. The maternal grandfather of Mr. Wilders married Johanna Meijer in Indonesia during the colonial era. Appearently the Meijer family was a well-know Dutch-Jewish family in Indonesia.

The article charges into the ridiculous when Dr. van Leeuwen also states that Mr. Wilders peroxides his hair in order to hide his non-white Indonesian ancestry. O, and Dr. van Leeuwen mentions that many Dutch people in the Dutch East Indies supported the Dutch Facist Movement (NSB). What the ....?

Anyway. Here is a picture of Wilders as an 18 year old on his Kibbutz in Israel. With his original hair colour.

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