Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The use of opposing the centre of politics

Geert Wilders is the politician at the centre of Dutch politics. This is proven by the observation that if a politician wants to get some attention he attacks Mr. Wilders in order to enhance their own status.

The The Hague elections

An example is The Hague aelderman of Housing Marnix Norder (Dutch). He wants to move up to become the leader of Labour in The Hague. He says:
If the Freedom Party (PVV) will become the biggest party in The Hague, the city will become an anarchy. Be afraid, be very afraid. I suppose that many citizens who are considering to vote for Geert Wilders, will know that too. They will want someone of substance. Vote for society for solutions. And not for the hatred and totalitarion nonsense of Wilders.
But earlier in the interview he was quoted to say:
Voters are angry obout how little control they have on their neighbourhood. And they are sick and tired of having their values disrespected by people in their neighbourhood with a different cultural background.
What will aelderman Norder do once his party gets a majority in the city council? Says aelderman Norder:
I think that citizens must be able influence the use of the police and the public prosecutor. [...] If there is a recurring security issue in a neighbourhood the municipal council, rather than the agreements between the mayor, the first public prosecutor and the chief of police [who now decide about the use of the forces of Law and Order] should be able to direct the use of the police. This implies a limitation on the power of the mayor and more control for citizens.
This is a radically new proposal by aelderman Norder. The reason that now finally the control over Law and Order is moved away from the appointed functionaries such as the mayor, the public prosecutor and the chief of police to a citizen elected body, such as the municipal council would never have happened without the spectre of the PVV becoming the dominant party in The Hague politics. The voters are smart enough to realize that they got this power due to the Freedom Party appearing and many of them will hold on to this control by giving their vote to the Freedom Party.

The multicultural society is the central issue

Getting back to my point about opposing Wilders: the centre of Dutch politics. In the The Hague municipal elections Geert Wilders will not be electable, but instead the campaign will feature local PVV-politicians. But Dutch politicians such as Norder have an intense desire to personalize issues as if it is just about Mr. Wilders. However, the issues will not go away if Mr. Wilders dissappears. As was seen with Pim Fortuyn. Fortuyn was assassinated, but Wilders picked up Fortuyn's standard.

The real issue is the failure of the multicultural society and ideology. That is the true centre of Dutch politics. Wilders just the mouth of the Dutch citizenry.

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