Saturday, September 05, 2009

No intermarriage between ethnic Dutch or highly educated Muslims

An important indicator of the distance that a social group has to other groups is their willingness to intermarry with other groups. Less intermarriage is more social distance. So how big is the social distance Muslims in Europe keep vis-a-vis e.g. ethnic Dutch?

A Dutch Sociologist Jochem Tolsma wrote a study called "Ethnic Competition and Opposition to Ethnic Intermarriage in the Netherlands" (HT Esther).
Highly educated Turks and Moroccans of the second generation prefer not marrying a Dutch person. The cultural difference are yet too great.

This according to a study which sociologist Jochem Tolsma will present on September 28 at Radboud University Nijmegen for his doctor's degree.

According to Tolsma highly educated Turks and Moroccan of the second and third generation have a much different standing in society than one would expect.

Tolsma shows in his study that they are still distant from ethnic Dutch, just as their parents who emigrated to the Netherlands as guest workers.

They also don't have high regard for ethnic Dutch.
Us and them

The quote illustrates the hostility the Muslims feel towards the nations that they colonize. I asked the question how big the social distance is between the Muslims and the Europeans. In one generation the rate of intermarriage has remained the same. While other indicators like education have improved spectacularly.


The Muslims also have a low regard for the ethnic Dutch who granted them access to their society, to jobs, houses and the best education in the world, sought after by the best and the brightest of every civilization.

This education was paid for not by the immigrant Muslims but by the Europeans who created the knowledge and the educational institutions that pass the knowledge on.

Two worlds

The Muslims do not start walking. Despite all the gates that have been opened to them. Yes, walls have been thrown down to accomodate their passage. And if THEY do not move is there any change that WE and THEM ever come together as ONE?

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