Thursday, August 20, 2009

Africa in Asia and Africa in Europe compared

High flying African drugdealers

In my yesterday article "Africa in Europe" this blog delt with the behaviour of groups of immigrants. I stated that behaviour could best be explained by looking to their cultures of origin, rather than looking at the Western countries where they have settled. I will further illustrate this by taking a closer look at one of the killings in Zuidoost neighbourhood of Amsterdam. This concerned a drugsdealer, "Zubi", who jumped from a balcony when police was invading his appartment. "Zubi", an Ibo from Nigeria (Dutch) had a connection with the chief of his tribe in Nigeria and was a conduit for cocaine in Amsterdam. Police found 25 bags of cocaine in the flat, plus a bag full of little smuggler balls of cocaine, plus half a big bin bag of cocaine in his appartment.

Racial solidarity trumps all for Blacks

"Zubi" died when he landed on the ground outside the high rise where he lived. The result were demonstrations by Blacks in Zuidoost, accusing the police of "racism" and a "hunt for blacks" (Dutch). The blacks shamelessy come to the aid of their fellow blacks even though in this case the "brother" in question killed himself and was a high ranking gangster. And they have the temerity to accuse the police of "racism"!

Liberals are quick to blame ethnic Dutchmen for what happened here. In an article in "Het Parool" Albert de Lange, a Dutch journalist features Tom Marfo, a Ghanese Reverend (Dutch), who explains that the drugdealer jumped because he feared deportation. If only the Dutch would stop deporting illegals, tragedies like these would not happen is the subtext of the article. This message is in accordance with Mr. Auster's First Law of Majority - Minority relations:
The worse any designated minority or alien group behaves in a liberal society, the bigger become the lies of Political Correctness in covering up for that group.
Do Blacks only jump and riot in liberal Europe? The answer is no as shown by a story on the Star (HT Mr. Auster): Africans in the Chinese city of Guangzhou.
At a busy intersection in the heart of this southern city recently, angry Africans carried a bleeding black man, held aloft, across eight lanes of heavy traffic to deposit him smack at a police station's door.

Almost immediately hundreds of other Africans converged on the station--shouting for the police to come out and take responsibility.

The wounded man's name was Emmanuel Okoro of Nigeria.

Trapped in a police raid on illegal immigrants that afternoon, Okoro chose to leap from the second floor of a shopping mall rather than be arrested.

He landed on his head.

Now, as he lay unconscious on the station's doorstep, angry protestors fanned out into the street--blocking traffic, ripping up plants, waving tree limbs and denouncing the police.

It took six hours to restore order.
We see here Africans in China exhibiting exactly the same behaviour as Africans in Zuidoost.

Laws live in populations

It proves that the behaviour of this group can best be explained by the origin of the group and not by the nation and culture where they have settled. In The Netherlands the law is that if an Alien legally resides in country for three years he can apply for citizensship. However, very few immigrants truly become citizens, their behaviour remains locked in patterns established in the culture were they originated. They are not significantly affected by the laws and culture of their adoptive country. The Chinese accept this and act accordingly. They expell the Africans after their visa expire.
Ojukwu Emma of the Nigerian Community in China says he and the Nigerian embassy are working on an agreement with local authorities to provide exit visas for Nigerians whose visas have expired and who wish to return home. If formalized, it would allow Nigerians to leave China within 10 days, without threat of detention.
However, the ingrained Liberalism of Europeans makes it very difficult for them to do so and illegal immigrants are seldomly expelled. On the other hand, the comments under the articles in the Dutch press show that hardly any of the commenters fall for the spiel of the liberal reporters.

The laws of group behaviour

In conclusion I state that the laws which govern group behaviour originate in cultures. As a shorthand: "Laws live in populations, not in territories". Liberals have a problem in dealing with this reality. It goes against their central tenet: "The law of equality trumps every other law".

Practical recommendations flowing from correct understanding of reality

Serious conservatives ought to be firm in dealing with this liberal inability to deal with the reality of human inequality. Religions, nations and cultures are unequal. It should not be a crime to state this, as it is now. This important truth should be the basis for policy decisions. The policy with regards to foreigners of different cultures should be not to allow them to settle in The West. If they already have settled their permits should not be renewed. Should they be in the West illegally they must be tracked down and expelled. If they have citizenship or resident status and commit serious crimes, they should be expelled as well. If the Chinese can do it, so can we!

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