Friday, August 21, 2009

Diminishing trust in The Netherlands

Yesterday, Mr. Earl Cromer left a comment in which he said amongst other things:
It seems in many Dutch, French and British cities the natives are integrating into the violent gang cultures of the immigrants - I suppose in many respects they must act like them to survive in areas where they are the minority, and normal society cannot help them.
When I was a kid I read a book about two Dutch chaps travelling through the Middle East in a Chevrolet. The book described a voyage made in the early 70ies. One of the things which struck me was the following. There was a rule a Middle Eastern traveller had to abide by and that was getting away as soon as possible in case of an accident. This is because the local population would always turn on the foreigner assuming that there are no accidents, but that every damage or injury done is an act of intentional hostility.

Importing low-trust populations

Today this kind of attitude has been imported to Europe. E.g. ambulance staff is attacked by Middle Easterners extraction, when an ambulance is deemed slow to arrive. Middle Easterners are sure that the slow response is hostility of the ambulance drivers against them. They do not need proof for that. Middle Easterners are certainly savages in this respect.

Dragging the higher level down

But there are indications that today community relations are getting so bad that ethnic Dutchmen are also assuming that any damaging act by a Middle Easterner is a hostile act.

In the paper version of this week's Elsevier columnist Bart-Jan Spruyt reacted to the interview with policeman Ad Visser, who mentioned that ethnic Dutchmen are becoming more and more threatening towards Middle Easterners. Mr. Spruyt related how he had a dinner with an unnamed Police Chief a few months ago and that the Police Chief mentioned that in some city a Morroccans had a car accident on a cross roads overlooked by high rise buildings. As the shocked Morroccan came out of his car he and other Moroccans were attacked by Dutchment armed with baseball bats from the high rises. The Dutchmen acted on the assumption "something bad is happening to a Dutchman, it is done by a Morroccan, it must be an hostile act".

Lowering of standards is no problem for liberals

This shows that Mr. Cromer's observation is right. Europe is under the rule of liberalism. Under the rule of liberalism equality is the highest value, the value all other values are subordinated to. Under this value it is not possible to discriminate against Middle Easterners wanting to immigrate and colonize Europe. But Middle Easterners are UNEQUAL to Westerners. They are low-trust savages, who think nothing of lying, cheating and the use of violence to further their interests and that of their communities. The liberal elite is unable to elevate large numbers of immigrants to the cultural level to the level of high-trust of Western-Europeans.

However they are managing to create a level field between ethnic Dutchmen and Middle Easterners. By mistreating the ethnic Dutchmen for decades and never granting them justice they have so eroded the trust of ethnic Dutchmen in society that theyir behaviour is now dragged down to the level of savagery that is common in the Middle East.

The joys of equality

I do think that the liberals are happy this way. After all their highest value is equality. If they can point to misbehaving ethnic Dutchmen, the cause of preserving equality as the higest value is served. And that is what they really care about. They do not care about The Netherlands, not about Europe. The treason lobby does not care how much havoc and destruction it wreaks on Western Civilization.

ANYTHING for equality.

We have seen the end result in the formerly communist world. Serious Conservatives have to look at themselves and to wonder if equality is not really their highest value as well.

A civilized order of society

A comprehensive civilized order is only possible if we view people as unequal. There are differences between people from different civilizations. Some of these differences are irreconcilable. Therefore mass immigration of non-europeans to Europe ought to be out of the question under any circumstance.

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