Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Africa in Europe

Laws live in populations, rather than in geography

It is my conviction that when a nation receive immigrants in significant numbers, the immigrants will ussually congegrate in one spot form a colony and follow the laws and customs of their societies of origin. The veracity of this idea can be observed all over Europe in the Muslim gettos. But there are also African and Caribbean gettos in Europe.

European township called Zuidoost

One of them is situated in the capital of The Netherlands, Amsterdam. Amsterdam has its own black township of 80,000 inhabitants. And it is called South East or Zuidoost. It used to be called Bijlmer, but that name became so infamous that it was changed. In the past decade the grey but fine appartment buildings of Zuidoost were largely pulled down and replaced by lower and better quality housing. According to police chief Ad Visser 4 billion Euros were invested in the area.

Shooting for a tenner

But they ways of Zuidoost are still the ways of an African population. Many people in Zuidoost live lives of crime. Of drugdealing, burglaring and prostitution. Recently there was a spate of shootings. The Netherlands is a country with extremely restrictive gun laws. During the Second World War the German occupiers introduced these restrictions for obvious reasons and they were never lifted. Guns can only be owned by sports shooters.

But in Zuidoost many people carry guns and they use them. In the past year there have been 14 shootings with a number of injured persons and 2 people killed. Recently a 15 year old Caribbean black boy, Gianluca Flamingo, was killed, while sleeping in a car driven by a friend a well known kickboxer.

Human engineering leads to expensive failures

As said before the government is spending massive amounts of tax money to uplift the African population of Zuidoost, by providing them with excellent housing and good schools. But human reality cannot be engineered. Zuidoost remains a bad living area because the quality of the population can only be improved by removing the population and replacing them with ethnic Dutch people.

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