Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Islam in Europe: Mosque Architecture

Intentions set in stone

At the moment around 100 mosques are built in Europe every year. The mosque building accomodates the increasing feeling of religiousity amongst the Muslim communities in European nations. Descendants of immigrants from Islamic societies are setting themselves apart from surrounding society, by stressing differences in dress and appearance, diet, and by building centres of worship, where their teachings are hammered into the congegration.

Spare no Expense

In order to give this trend a material expression Muslim communities are prepared to reach deep in their collective pockets. If an average mosque costs 500.000 Euros, the Umma invests 50 million Euros annually in Mosque building.

European mosques have a style of their own

Architects are developing a more European style of mosque architecture argues German architect Christian Welzbacher in his book Euro-Islam Architecture.

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