Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Italy: opposing immigration on principle

Obstacles to immigration

Europe has seen various countries such as The Netherlands and Denmark creating obstacles to immigration. The obstacles are for instance in criteria in knowledge of the language or a minimum earnings treshold for a spouse in case of marriage migration.

Opposing the multi-ethnic society on principle

Premier Berlusconi of Italy has now opposed a multi-ethnic Italy on principle (HT View From the Right), saying:

Previous Left-wing governments had "opened the doors to clandestine migrants coming from other countries, with an idea of a multi-ethnic Italy," Mr Berlusconi said.

But that kind of society was "not our idea", he added, as he sought to reassure Italians who were alarmed at the number of immigrants pouring into the country, particularly from eastern Europe and Africa.

Opposition to a mono-ethnic Italy

Premier Berlusconi's words were denounced by UN's refugee agency, Medecins Sans Frontieres, the Vatican and Italian opposition MPs, such as Giovanna Melandra.

The Italian Premier defended the new policy, stating:
When migrants were rescued in international waters, Italy had the right not to take them in

Support for a mono-ethnic Italy

Premier Berlusconi's new policy was hailed as a breaktrough by his coalition partners on the right, such as Umberto Bossi of the Lega Nord.

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