Monday, May 11, 2009

Geert Wilders barred from future coalitions

Dutch voters are moving to the wings of the political spectrum

The next National Elections will be in late 2010. But there is already speculation about possible coalitions. This is due to the losses the governing parties are taking in the polls. On the Left the Socialist Party (SP) and on the Right Geert Wilders' Freedom Party (PVV) are making hay.

Ostracising the Freedom Party (PVV)

The Christian Union (CU) leader Mr. Rouvoet has declared he rules out a coalition with the Freedom Party (Dutch).

The Leftist populist SP had done the same. Mrs. Agnes Kant, its leader declared that the Freedom Party's program (Dutch) on lower taxes, abolution of the minimum wage and hostility to Islam rule it out for consideration in a future coalition.

Many prominent members of the Christian Democrat Party (CDA) are also demanding a declaration of no coalition with the Freedom Party.

The Belgian experience

This shows that the party system is really a cartel. Fundamentally all parties are Liberal. Non-discrimination against Non-Westerners is their highest principle. In neighbouring Belgium all the parties have linked up in a alliance against the Conservative Vlaams Belang (VB). This coalition goes under the name Cordon Sanitaire. This means that VB never governs. But also that a significant portion of the electorate will not be represented politically in a meaningful way. Also the VB has constantly grown, attracting disaffected Flemish voters.

A curse or a blessing?

For now the Freedom Party the ostracism may be a blessing in disguise. The party is young, its cadre is narrow and inexperienced. A few years extra in the opposition may be what it needs.

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