Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Amsterdam and Rotterdam lose Dutch Majority

The demographic trends in the big cities in Amsterdam

This week the news came out that Rotterdam will have a Dutch minority by 2012. Foreigners defined as with one parent born outside The Netherlands will outnumber ethnic Dutchmen. moreover ethnic Dutchmen are on average older than foreigners.

The paper version of the "Amsterdams Stadsblad" today May 6th, reported that Amsterdam will be minority Dutch by December 2009. Mr Marcel Janssen of the Research and Statistics Service (Dienst O en S) of the Amsterdam Municipality calculated: of the three main groups: Dutchmen, Western foreigners and Non-Western-foreigners there will be 49.9; 15.1 and 35 percent respectively.

No affordable family formation in the main urban areas

Marcel Janssen explains that young Ethnic Dutchmen come to Amsterdam to study and leave once they start having a family.

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