Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mayor Cohen of Amsterdam okays discrimination of women

The mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen, Labour, stunned Amsterdam politicians yesterday afternoon. The case had come up of a Muslim "city security coach" refusing to shake women's hands as a matter of principle. Upon being asked what his stance was on this issue in the light of the constitution's insistence on non-discrimination on the basis of gender (Article 1 of the Dutch Constitution no less) the Amsterdam mayor stated that this was allright and municipal workers and officials could freely discriminate against women if their faith demanded this (HT Kleinverzet).

The core of Liberalism/Leftism is the principal of non-discrimination. Minorities are specially protected by the Left for protection against this cosmic evil. Dutch Libertarian Bart Croughs wrote a book in 1995 called: "in the name of the woman, the gay and the foreigner" in which he wondered what Leftists would chose to support if they HAD to choose between to minorities if they were discriminating against each other. He specifically raised the combination of Muslims discriminating against women.

As far as the mayor of Amsterdam is concerned the issue is clear. The strictures of Islam take precedence over women's rights (Dutch). And it is now Amsterdam municipal policy too.

Christian Democrat municipal councillor Maurice Limmen stated that this would cause many more issues to crop up, such as the permission of discrimination of gays by municipal employees and vowed to oppose such permissiveness.

Of course there is a more pressing issue than discrimination of gays, women and assorted Liberal/Leftist heart throbs.

The question that haunts Amsterdam is whether discrimination of all Infidels by Muslim municipal workers is now permitted. And if it is permitted we have to ask ourselves: "do the municipal authorities still represent us Infidels and our interests or have they been subordinated to Muslims and their Sharia law?"
Oh, for the record. I quite agree with the Muslims with regards to the position of women. Women are societally inferior to men. I endorse discrimination of women. Not in the shaking of hands but in other fields. Such as women being allowed to vote, or to be elected. Generally I am all for discrimination and I think inequality is the basis of society and even all Creation.

Unequal things must be treated unequally. Muslims are unequal to Dutchmen. They think so and I agree with them. So they should be discriminated against. They do not belong in our society. Certainly not in our political order. Not in any way. Article 1 of the Dutch constitution has to be rewritten.

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