Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A repeating fraction?

The split up of Multi-National Yugo-Slavia continues: yesterday Kosovo's independence was declared and recognized by 22 nations. The independence is the result of the US and EU policy regarding the break-up of Yugo-Slavia.

After Yugo-Slavia started to unravel in 1990, with the break-away of Slovenia and Croatia, the EU and US have tried to create new Multi-ethnic entities in Bosnia (Croat, Serb and Muslim "Bosniac") and now in the Serbian heartland of Kosovo (Muslim Albanian and Serb). The foreign policy of the EU and the US in this reflects their internal policies of promoting Multi-ethnicity.

However, as in Bosnia, the squabbling nationalities refuse to live together peacefully in Kosovo. The entities require a massive NATO force to keep the fiction alive that the groups can co-exist in the same political entity.

In Bosnia and Serbia proper there were nationalist demonstrations against Kosovo's indipendence. In Kosovo itself members of the Serb minority attacked a symbol of the international presence: a UN compound.

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