Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Freedom Party ostracised by Parliament for immigration motion

In 2001 Pim Fortuyn caused a shockwave in The Netherlands by stating on TV that if he could do it legally he would make sure there would "not one Muslim immigrant let in the country". This was during the time he was setting up his List Pim Fortuyn Party or just before.

Last Thursday PVV MP Sietse Fritsma attempted to register a similar proposal for a bill of law. This law from Geert Wilders' Freedom Party (PVV) quiver would ban all immigration from Muslims from Muslim countries. Christians from Muslim countries would not be banned. The law is specifically aimed at brides and bridegrooms which are entering the country as a part of "family re-unification", similar to Bush' "family values do not stop at the Rio Grande" Mexican immigration rethoric.

MP Fritsma had to run the gauntlet from MPs almost all other parties who accused him of "discrimination". This included "right-wing" MPs from the Christian Union (CU)and a Liberal-Conservative VVD MP. MP Fritsma defended his motion on the grounds that Muslims do not share Dutch values, are overrepresented in crime and unemployment and are thus a threat to Dutch interests.

Sietsma did not argue as he should have that non-discrimination even in its present, marxist inspired form does NOT apply from people who are not yet in the country. E.g. it is not illegal under the law that Nigerians, Americans and Germans can not vote in Dutch elections. However it is illegal to think that under liberalism and political correctness.

At some point the moderator of Parliament, Mrs. Verbeet, took Sietsma's propsal from the roll and came to the conclusion that it was unconstitutional and could not be debated. This is not the first time Mrs. Verbeet has done this.

After checking the rules that govern Parliamentary behaviour it became clear that Sietsma's proposal for a bill had to be registered and properly debated.

In conclusion: it is obvious that all Dutch politicians are shackled by liberalism and cultural marxism. The Freedom Party (PVV) seems to be the only exeption.

An interesting fact: Mr. Kamp, the liberal-conservative (VVD) stalwart who is setting a more "right-wing course" for his party accused Fritsma of discriminating Muslims vis-a-vis Africans, who are also overrepresented amongst the unemployed and criminally violent. So it is now a matter of Parliamentary record that Muslims and Africans are more prone to violence and being public charges than the ethnic dutch and certain immigrant groups (Europeans and most Asians). The politicians are fully aware of what they are doing to the nation, but they continue doing it.

I used to vote for this Mr. Kamp. He is our former Defense Minister (2002-2006).

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