Thursday, October 11, 2007

Witnessing is a risky business

Abraham Zeegers, the witness to the trial of organised crime boss Willem Holleeder who died from poisoning two days ago had used cocaine, with his girlfriend "Shirley O.". Shirley O. is a Brazilian national. The cocaine might have been poisoned.

Mr. Zeegers had purchased the cocaine in restaurant Klein Kalfje in Amsterdam-South. The seller has been tracked down as a "Joop de B." apparently a well-known criminal and underworld figure. Joop de B. used to employ Shirley B. in his bar on the Beethovenstraat in Amsterdam-South.

Witness Abraham Zeegers had already made a full testimony on the blackmailing of Real estate mogul Willem Endstra by Crime boss Willem Holleeder.

The police is now transporting other witnesses in armored vehicles to the courthouse, where the trial against Holleeder is proceeding.

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