Friday, October 12, 2007

Ayaan finding out who are her friends

The news is out. Dutch parliament has decided NOT to fund the security detail for Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The debate on whether to funding Ayaan while she is in the States was unfocussed. Parliamentarians debated mostly on side issues, such as the way Ayaan and her legal representative tried to influence deliberations with confidential correspondence was proper.

Strictly speaking it indeed goes against the territorial principle to protect a citizen living in a different nation. Mrs. Ayaan Hirsi Ali has received two extensions of her security funding on foreign territory and she was amply warned.

In her defence it was argued that she was formally not allowed to solicit for funds while she was waiting for her US green card. Funding by the Dutch state was cut off almost immediately after she received her US green card. She did not receive a period of time to arrange new sponsors.

Ayaan is going to find out who her real friends are in the next few months. The US State does not fund the security of private persons. She has to find wealthy sponsor who are willing to underwrite her funding which runs in the order of two to two and a half million US Dollars annually. She has a extremely well-funded employer in the AEI.

Also we saw a media campaign in the Anglosphere with illustrious names as Anne Applebaum, Christopher Hitchens and Salman Rushdie writing highly moralistic pieces to urge the Dutch to fund her, without mentioning the issue of territoriality or the fact that Mrs. Ayaan Hirsi Ali was repeatedly warned.

The whole affair is dirty. The Dutch politicians reacted in a venal, overly formalistic way. Mrs. Ayaan and her legal representative Britta Böhler played it very hard on the assumption that the Dutch would not want to lose face in the world by cutting Mrs. Ayaan's funding. They were wrong. Mrs. Ayaan lost a lot of kudos amongst the populist right wing in The Netherlands by running off to the US. This made her look very strongly like an opportunist.

There is also a pattern here. Ayaan abondoned her clan and the Somali nation when her elders tried to force her into a marriage with an uncle. She made new friends in The Netherlands were she found asylum under false pretences. Later she was working for the Dutch Labour party. When she realized that the socialist were not interested in reforming immigrant communities in The Netherlands, she defected for the second time, now to the Liberal-Democrat Party (VVD) which put her on an electable seat on their party list. Once she had achieved international fame she made another move. She went on to work for the AEI in the US. She did not keep in touch with most of her backers in The Netherlands. So in effect it is another defection. The third.

A person that makes an enemy of a million Muslims should not neglect the base of her security as callously as she did.

She allegedly now has found funds to cover her security spending for less than a month. US imams have already called for her to be assasinated.

If Mrs. Ayaan is assasinated in the next few months were going to see a disgusting spectacle of our Dutch politicians trying to deflect the blame that is going to come down on them like a ton of bricks. It is going to be filthy.

To all those Americans who are screaming on Infidel-forums at the Dutch to protect Mrs. Ayaan I will say: "take your responsibility". The Dutch taxpayer has forked out more than two million US Dollars for her security, WHILE SHE WAS ON US SOIL". If you really want her safe, put your money where your mouth is. Money talks and bull***t walks.

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