Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mohammed removes all doubt

Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh's assassin had to testify yesterday in the case against several members of the Hofstad terror cell. Mohammed Bouyeri was a dominant member of the Hofstad terror cell. Amongst other matters concerning the nature of his religion Mohammed Bouyeri testified:
A good Muslim in the Netherlands has two choices,
he said.
The first was to ‘pack your bags and leave’ for an Islamic country
but, he said,
there isn't one at the moment
. The second, said Bouyeri, is the one he opted for:
pick up your weapons and fight.

This is what Islam means to a good Muslim according to a significant portion of the Muslim community in their countries of origin AND in the West, where they have settled in the last 40 years as a result of the failure to control immigration into those countries.

Good Muslims take their scripture as a hunting licence, as Arabist Hans Jansen argues. And we unbelievers are their prey. In a world in which states are becoming increasingly irrelevant this is a powerful force.

In the same week US law enforcement arrested a group of Albanian Muslim immigrants who were preparing themselves to attack Fort Dix, a US Military base. From their actions it is highly probable that they see their duty as Muslims in the same light as Mohammed Bouyeri does.
The Dukas are typical of those who have thrived from such ties: 28 of 37 local family members live in America now.
This plot exposes Bush' dictum:
we fight them there (Iraq), so they do not come here
as the inanity is obviously IS and WAS. But neither Bush, nor the current crop of Republican Presidential candidates seems to be able to rethink their position on the universality of Western civilisation.

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