Thursday, May 24, 2007

When young men get together

Tuesday a friendly footy match between youth teams of Morocco and The Netherlands caused riots in the Tilburg stadium and the city centre of the town. Moroccans from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France booed and whisteled during the playing of the Wilhelmus, our national hymn.

Altough young Morocco won the game, supporters stormed the field in the second half. Later there were riots in downtown Tilburg. Only twenty-six Morroccans were arrested, although:
It is not the first time they have spoiled a Moroccan match in our country according to a spokesman.
Moroccan fans in the last two years vandalised stadiums in Utrecht, Arnhem, Kerkrade and Amsterdam.
according to a Freedom Party spokesman.

The Freedom Party demanded in Parliament from the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Justice that the twenty-six arrested hooligans in addition to their normal punishment will be forced to
clean a number of Dutch Football stadiums ..... with their own toothbrushes. And if not, then why not your Excellencies.

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