Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Freedom of Speech in Finland

There is a rather telling incident in Finland, reported by Gates of Vienna (HT, KV). A blogger has been accussed of political incorrectness by the Ombudsman for minorities. The blogger, Mikko Ellila, has written that African immigrants commit more crimes per capita than Finns.

The Ombudsman for minorities, a Mikko Puumalainen, reported the "hate crime". The police is on the case and Mikko Ellila has to explain his thoughts and emotions (hate is a emotion) to the police. Supposedly, if the police find unlawful emotion on their "soul-o-graph" Blogger Ellila will be charged and if convicted punished.

Minority Ombudsman Puumalainen has stated:
"all opinions that help maintain the current anti-immigrationist political atmosphere in Finland ought to be totally criminalised" according to blogger Ellila.

The ombudsman knows that the majority of his countrymen are against immigration. So in order to deal with their opposition he will OPPRESS them in order to get his way and to ensure the replacement of his countrymen.

Puumalainen's arrogance is just breathtaking. He is begging his people to rise up against the PC regime. The gods ought to favour such ambition.

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