Thursday, March 29, 2007

Collateral damage

This blog has drawn attention to the violent ultra Leftist scene in The Netherlands that is ready to pursue its aims through the use of violence. This scene is often subsidised by the Dutch State. The Leftists set up front organisations which recieve subsidies and which propagandise, gather intelligence and sue for their cause. In their free time the Leftist activists pursue their more underground violent activities on basis of the information gathered in their above ground live. The main cores of this kind of leftist vigilantism are the squatter movement and the animal rights movement. Radical animal rights activists attack farms, farmers and laboratories using test animals. The government does not just use tax payers' money to subsidise the life style and ideology of the radical left, Dutch judges refuses to punish these radicals, public prosecutors and Ministers of Justice refuse to investigate cases. The murderer of Fortuyn, Volkert van der Graaf, was a animal rights/green activist who threatened and possibly killed opponents, who did not follow the course he set out for them. (Read "the van der Werken case")

In November 2005 Louis Sévèkes, a radical of the squatter movement was killed. His comrades from the squatter movement suspected a police infiltrator, who had been uncovered by the radical organiser. Sévèkes was known for purging the movement of people he regarded as suspect.

This blog opinioned:
A few days ago a 41 year old leftist activist Louis Sevekes from the radical "squatter" and Extreme Leftist Fringe was murdered in Nijmegen. It is unclear who is responsible for the murder


Political violence is the new rage in The Netherlands. This started with subsidised Leftist groups that targetted nationalist groups in the mid 1980s. In 1986 squatters set a hotel on fire in Kedichem where a Dutch Nationalist group CP'86 was having a meeting. The wife of the party leader had to jump from the second floor of the hotel and lost a leg. At the time the thugs (Antifa) were subsidised by the government and shielded from police action.
The police could not find the assassin despite spending 60,000 hours on the investigation. However this week the assassin (Dutch) was arrested in Spain. He admitted guilt and his dairy provides the motive. Assassin Martinus Hendrikus Tega was also a member of the radical Leftist Squatter scene. He was purged by Louis Sévèkes in 1995 on suspicion of being a snitch. He swore revenge and waited for ten years to carry his intention out.

The assassin was wanted by the Dutch and European authorities for bank robberies. This month the suspicion of murdering Sévèkes was added, after Dutch police raided a garage which served Teges as a stash. Family and friends of Louis Sévèkes are shocked by the fact that the murder was committed by someone who belonged to their crowd. The assassin was living in a squatter building in Barcelona when he was arrested.

This case gives a bit of background on the Pim Fortuyn assassination. The murder on Fortuyn was not an isolated case. Radical leftist have a well-developed infrastructure and they receive tacit support from the State. Now that there is a Right wing countermovement underway the Leftists meet resistance for the first time. It is my prognosis that there will be more political violence in the near future from the Left in addition to the violent actions of Jihadis.

There are two items in the news which are related developments:
Dutch Arabist Hans Jansen, whose son was threatened by Dutch Muslims, has called for the formation of a police special intelligence unit to investigate and follow up on death threats for political and religious purposes.

Significantly, in the border district of Twenthe German and Dutch police (Dutch and German) held an excercise ("Grensenlos") this month. The theme of the exercise was cracking down on rightwing extremists. It seems the authorities are looking the other way hard.

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