Monday, October 30, 2006

The new Slowkrieg

Jkayce wrote in reply to my article called Terrorists with Nukes: "I think the Western world better prepare itself for a traumatic shockwave, especially the USA.

Once the USA has been brought down on its knees and it has ceased to be a worldpower, where does that leave us in Europe, where does that leave Israel?"

Let me reply with a question: What do Europe and Israel need the USA for?

What will the US fight against? The USA still does not define the enemy, paralysed as it is by Political Correctness. Their President and the Right-Wing media is completely paralysed. The USA intervened in the Bosnian War - on the side of the Muslims!!

They send massive armies around to globe to bring democracy to Muslims and are surprised when the Muslim voters elect Anti-Western governments. What good can come from this USA?

Next they will send their army to France to help the rioters take over France in the name of democracy!

In 1997 the current Prime Minister of Turkey, Erdogan, quoted a poem called "Asker Duasi":

"Mosques are our barracks, domes our helmets, minarets our bayonets, believers our soldiers."

And the invasion by these forces into Europe continues year after year.

Do we need the US Army to fight our fight with Islam?

We need to stop the invasion ourselves. We think a war is fought with tanks and airplanes, but this one is taking place by people in civilian cloths and vehicles, yet it is a surely robbing Europeans of control over their societies as if they had come in the vehicles of war. This is the Islamic Slowkrieg, the opposite of Blitzkrieg.

We do not need tanks and artillery to stop them, but to turn the political process in our favour.

The USA is no help in this war. They are allowing Muslims, Mexicans and the rest of the world to take over their society at a higher pace than we are letting the Muzzies in. They fight an offensive, lost, 2nd World War, type of war in lands that are not theirs and forget to take defensive measures to shield their own society.

With such friends one has no need for enemies.

What will it take for you to wake up, Kayce?


Camera Lucida said...

Snouck, this is a "global" phenomenon, and I’m not saying it in a neocon way. Islam went crazy at its inception, and it is doing the same again, I believe.

I think the solution is to convince each other of the fighting mode, and not to confine it to corners. Each and every strength that Islam acquires will have a domino effect.

Think of it a 100X more lethal Cold War.

JKayce said...

To the best of my knowledge I am already wide awake, Snouck.

Any immigration-related domestic problems are our responsibility, and we should deal with it ourselves and not lean on anyone else to clean up the mess we made.
I was not referring to this aspect in my previous reply. I was referring to the ideological weight in the balance of the world.

You think that the disappearance of USA as a world power and with it the support for Israel will not impact the attitude of the surrounding nations towards Israel as well as the attitude of totalitarian regimes all around the globe?
I think the mere presence of the USA as a world power still puts a lot of weight in the ideological balance which makes the totalitarian powers think twice before acting. Once that advantage disappears, you think the decline of the USA will not be followed by a proportionate increase of aggressiveness on the side of totalitarian rulers? Democracy will have lost weight, and you can bet the totalitarian systems will be encouraged to put on much more weight than before.

So, do we need the USA to fight our fights with Islam?

Well, we *don’t* have a fight with Islam, and when I look around me I feel that we *won’t* have a fight with Islam; I think Islam will continue to infiltrate our societies and assimilate us in fases protected by the umbrella of PC. Political Correctness is responsible for an incorrect problem definition, and without a correct problem definition there will never be any correct solution. Thus we end up carrying water to the sea, fighting individual terrorists yet never addressing the root cause that brings about the terrorism.
The eyes of our prominent political leaders remain blind to the current aggressive Islamic colonization of Europe.

Snouck said...

"You think that the disappearance of USA as a world power and with it the support for Israel will not impact the attitude of the surrounding nations towards Israel as well as the attitude of totalitarian regimes all around the globe?"

the USA will not dissappear. I do not think they will endlessly continue on the path they have chosen in the 1990ies, when the US Right gave up the notion that the US has a historic ethnic and cultural core and instead started to push the notion of an "proposition nation". If the Right in the US regains it sense of itself as a ethnic-cultural society, the US will continue to play an important role in world affairs. As such they will be allies and partners for Europe and Israel, along with Russia, India and China.

I do not know about which totalitarian states you speak. Are you referring to Iran and North Korea?

The point I am making about Nuclear weapons is that the mode of warfare is changing and that State militaries are becoming obsolete. Other modes of warfare are already being developed, also in the West.

Finally Europe IS resisting Islam, as we can see in Belgium, Denmark, France, the UK and the Netherlands. And the resistance is grass roots in the face of governments repression. You can join that movement too or just assist by working, marrying, having babies and going to church.

Those activities are more essential than anything the US is doing right now. In order to get a pro-western movement underway it is also essential that the current group of ideologues, who have hijacked the Conservative movement and run the immigration and foreign invasion disasters are exposed for the frauds that they are.

You are right about the problem with PC, but it is not just a problem on the left, but has permeated the right as well.



JKayce said...

Hi Snouck,

I referred to all aggressive totalitarian forces with an expansive zeal, including Iran, North Korea, when I mentioned ‘totalitarian states’ in my previous reply.

You’re right about the need for the right kind of warfare strategy against the ongoing colonization of aggressive Islam, but besides the Islamic infiltration of our society we also face external threats in the form of state regimes supporting subversive, terrorist elements that are able to severely damage our societies.
If Ahmadinejad succeeds in developing its own nuclear weapons you can be sure that we are in big trouble. For this kind of threat and the threat of other unstable regions we DO need the military to act on our behalf whenever necessary, so I’m not quite sure why you think that we do NOT need state military forces (if that is what you meant when you said that “..State militaries are becoming obsolete”).

When you mentioned China and Russia as our allies in the ‘War on Terrorism’ (wrong solution to a wrong problem definition) the saying ‘with friends like these who needs enemies?’ came to mind. Looking at the support of both countries for rogue nations such as Iran, Syria, North Korea as well as their ideological differences with the West neither of them qualify as reliable partners, because they say one thing and do another.

Yes, the lying political collaborators need to be exposed for what they are, but how do you do that? With the koran and a history book in the right hand and a thick bundle of news clips about recent Islamic acts of aggression in the left hand those politicians will STILL maintain that you’re wrong and they are right, and they will use lie propaganda and push their experts (like the scholar-turned-apologist for Islam, Karen Armstrong) in the spotlight to get their right. In addition the media is speaking in veiled, almost mystique terms about Islamic acts of aggression (the infamous ‘youths’, or simply forfeit to report the acts of aggression or downplay them).
The people need to learn to distinguish between truth and lie, remember the lies that they are told and exercise their votes accordingly.
Yet I see the majority of the Dutch swaying from Right to Left and and back again like a drunk, so I cannot conclude anything other than that a large portions of the Dutch find issues other than the Islamic colonization more important (economics, friendly face, charisma of political candidates?), or perhaps they are easily mislead. I don’t understand it.
To bury one’s head in the sands of the comfort zone will in time bring inevitably forth bitter fruits of suffering.

The strategy of grass root movements you proposed is a good strategy to begin with, but I fear that a grass roots movement alone will not suffice.
Have you seen the VPRO documentary ‘Energy wars’? It illustrates very well how our addiction to oil binds our hands and feet, and I think this accounts for a large part why many politicians do not dare to address the most important question: ‘Is Islam inherently violent and expansionalist?’

On an international level we see all the authoritarian nations clotting together and forming a power block, and a block of nations embracing democracy on the other side. This authoritarian power block has a very powerful weapon in the form of oil and gas.
To preserve and to be able to fight for our democracies we need to focus more on the development of alternative energy sources.
The biggest blow we can deal to all those authoritarian, basically anti-democratic countries that supply us with the oil is when we no longer need their oil supplies. Getting rid of our dependency would mean to gain the territory necessary for reclaiming our basic Judeo Christian democratic roots and deal with the threat of the colonial expansionist zeal of the aggressive Islamic dogma effectively.

Snouck said...

"For this kind of threat and the threat of other unstable regions we DO need the military to act on our behalf whenever necessary, so I’m not quite sure why you think that we do NOT need state military forces (if that is what you meant when you said that “..State militaries are becoming obsolete”)."

I explained this in the article "terrs with nukes". State militaries are targets if transnational terrorist networks own nukes. State militaries can not fight back. So they will be useless. The state military forces have no utility.

Look at the way the US-led coalition is operating in Iraq and Afganistan. It is a lost cause. Meanwhile western militaries are allowing Muslims in the army and training and arming their enemies. Armies of states with big Muslim minorities are not going to be able to act strongly against Muslims anyway. Just look at the French force in Lebanon right now. In order to keep the Muslims in the French suburbs quiet they will never be able to be an "honest broker" that can afford to take the Israeli interest into account.

The Israeli army is not much better. It has no real successes since 1973. Its record recently in Gaza and Lebanon is terrible.

The political leadership of Western countries is unable to give the militaries the political goals that are achievable through military means. Neither G.W. Bush nor Blair are able even to state that Islam is the enemy. Instead they waffle about terrorists. Where these terrorists come from seems to be unmentionable.

Muslim offensives against the West through immigration and high birthrates are successfully transforming European countries into Muslim colonies. Policy is paralysed through terrorism. And the political class continues to invite and encourage the Muslims.

So counting on our military is not going to be any good. Without the backing of the political class they are set-up for defeat.

I do not see the trouble with Iran developing missiles and nukes. Iran is a target. If they hit Israel, Europe or the USA these countries can hit back.

Pakistan has been nuclear for more than 2 decades I believe and that has never been a problem. The danger in Pakistan's and North Korea's nuclear programs is that they assist the transnational networks.

War is not just fought between states anymore. Non-state organisatitions like Al Qaeda, Hizbolla and Hamas are getting more and more successfull at fighting the West.

This succes can be copied. If the Muslims can fight without setting up a state then so can Westerners. And do not forget that the machinery of the state is firmly in the hands of the Left in Europe and the USA.

We have no reason at all to support the state, when it is actively enabling the Muslims to take over Europe or when the USA enables radical Islamic movements to take over Middle Eastern states through democratisation.

The Western elites, the bosses of the militaries seem in love with the idea that everybody is equal and wants the same, when in reality Muslims want a political system that is alien to the western way of life and hostile to the interests of Western populations.

If the politicos keep supporting the Muslims, we must find an alternative to state power as an expression of our will and the protection of our rights.

The organisations that provide such alternatives do already exist and are indeed thriving.

Snouck said...

Camera Lucida:
"to convince each other of the fighting mode, and not to confine it to corners. "

ok. I give up. What do you mean by this mystifying sentence?