Monday, October 30, 2006

Grain of Salt

Desmond Jones:
"You have to take Paul Williams and Frontpage with a grain or maybe a truck load of salt."

The core of the article is the acquisition of Nuclear Arms by non-state actors, in this case Al-Qaeda. The fact staring us in the face is that Nuclear arms will not remain a State momopoly. Nuclear proliferation is a function of technology proliferation and with universities in the (former) Third World churning out Engineering graduates. The nuclear industry is being privatised so its technology will come or has already come into the hands of non-state actors. Check the wiki entry on A.Q. Khan, who is also mentioned in the Frontpagemag article.

Up until the late 1950ies only the Soviet Empire and the West had the know-how to built certain complicated devices.

We saw already with the latest round of fighting that the Iranians are now able to build sophisticated weapons that are a match for the weapons that Israel builds, such as fire guidance systems, anti-ships missiles and UAVs. Transferring these weapons to a non-state actor: Hizbollah. With interesting effects for all to see.

And with this the age of Industrial Warfare is becoming obsolete as well as the social system it has spawned: the Western Nation State.

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Desmond Jones said...

Snouck, with all due respect, Williams has not made the case, nor has anyone, that miniaturised 'suitcase nukes' even exist. As you have pointed out many times the threat of mass non-white immigration to Holland is much greater.

The Libyans received nuclear technology from Khan but did not have the IQ base to develop it. India is already bumping up against its smart fraction limitations; producing a bounty of engineers with very limited capability. Greg Cochran, the author of the Ashkenazim IQ study, stated before the invasion that Iraq did not have the intellectual capital to produce and maintain a nuke.

Transfer of European technology to non-Europeans can have devasting effects, [i.e. at the Little Big Horn, where the US Cavalry faced the Sioux with a single shot Springfield rifle, while the Indians were armed with .44 caliber Henry, .44 caliber Model 1866 Winchester, and the .44/.40 caliber Model 1873 Winchester, all repeating rifles.] A set back at the time, that ultimately did not change the white man's dominance of the aboriginal. However, the Indigene is now becoming a greater political force, at least in Canada, not because of advanced weaponry but because of a higher birth rate. Islam is a threat to the West because Islam is in the West. Kohl and the Germans initiated a successful incentive programme for repatriation of Turks in the early 80s. The Dutch are the most intelligent people in Europe. Eventually they will prevail. Nationalism is rising again in Germany, Russia and particularly Poland. The nationalist bug will undoubtedly spred to the Netherlands as well.