Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rabble rousing imam called for Van Gogh's death

Two months before Van Gogh was killed by Mohammed Bouyeri, the assassin attended a sermon by Imam Fawaz Jneid in the As Soennah Mosque in The Hague.

In testimony given yesterday by Soumaya S., a female member of the Hofstadgroup terror cell she informed the judges that the group had heard a inflammatory sermon by the Imam. In the sermon the Imam calls on Allah to kill Van Gogh and Ayaan Hirsi Ali by illness and calls on the faithfull to take action that will "shake" The Netherlands out of its self-assurance.

During the sermon which was recorded and stored at the De Volkkrant newspaper archives the Imam also called for moderate actions such as the writing of letters to the VVD, the political party which was the party of Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Dutch experts on Islam called the sermon "very inflammatory" especially when listened to by "a twenty year old Muslim" and "disgusting" when the Imam calls for a cancer in Ayaan's head and her tongue.


Minister of Immigration (Dutch) and Naturalization Verdonk has said that the sermon of the Imam is absolutely not on. She is investigating his legal status and announced that if she sees a opportunity to evict the Imam from the country she will do so.

Verdonk has sofar evicted 4 or 5 Imams for incitement.

Interestingly the leader of the VVD, Verdonk's party, Mark Rutte, is under attack because of the bad showing of his part in the polls. There will be elections this month. Rutte is being overshadowed by Verdonk. Rutte and most other politicians are keeping immigration, multiculturalism, EU constitution out of the debate, because these issues are too explosive. Verdonk's electoral profile is impoved by these gestures.

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