Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Liberty, Equality and Fraternity

Herr Winn:
"Everyone *should* be equal in the eyes of the state. But on the individual level there's a right to treat people unequal. If not, would you be forced to treat your boss the same you do your mother?

But I don't know that it's meant as strongly as that. The criticism holds merit, though. Freedom is the right to be different/unequal."

The French revolution promised Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Because the three values are at odds with each other, they have to be balanced. Equality is of course equality before the law. But people are all too easily manipulated in a belief that equality promises real equality in earthly society. It is then turned into a sledgehammer against Liberty. Because this abuse of Equility is so easy, just encouraging the natural envy that people feel, in my opinion Equality is a ideal that is unmaintainable in the real world, a force of destruction undermining our present order of national states.

The emerging order in the post-national society will be hierarchical. Based on inequality between members of groups. Social groups will be small and fluid. Sources of authority and order will be religion, kinship ties and charismatic leadership.

Many parts of the world are reverting to chaos since decolonisation. Western country are being overrun by immigrants and there is no political will to stop them. Together with changes in military technology states are being robbed from their ability to maintain the peace. Crime levels are climbing everywhere, but it is rarely allowed to speak about the causes. Transnational networks form alliances with crime, legitimise leaders of crime networks ("we are stealing these cars, trafficing these drugs, weapons, women for Allah or the Tribe"). The elites at the institutions that shape opinions are all Leftist. They will excuse the culprits and take away the capacity to punish them. The elites are just looking to grow the State in size and power, to land themselves jobs and increase their power. Public opinion is turning against them, but the public does not have the capacity to formulate an alternative. Plus the public is loath to give up the Freedom from responsibility that the Left grants them. So the public will go for easy solutions, appointing scapegoats (Jews, Whites, Muslims, Chinese, Mexicans, whatever, not Blacks though that is just not credible) and scream for an easy killing (bombing, nukes, glass surfaces, you get the picture).

Paths that will lead to satisfactory arrangements are very difficult and require real sacrifices now for results that will only be obtained in the long run and often by other people than those who have to do the sacrificing. Such stories do not sell very well.

Ever wondered why conspiracy theories are getting so popular? People are feeling powerless and confused. Conspiracy theories give people a handle on a situation. That is not to say there are no real conspiracies, though.

And scapegoating is a release, a ritual way to get power over a given situation. People are not and never will be rational. Truth and Reality will alway elude us. And so does Equality.


talnik said...

I was going to say "I agree", but then I remembered you wrote "people are not and never will be rational"; therefore, not being rational I really can't comment, unless you aren't rational either, in which case we cancel each other out. In that case, I agree.

José María said...

Individuals can be rational or not, but people, as a whole, are irrational, that is obvious, you have only to watch around you.

Snouck said...

"not being rational I really can't comment"

well, that would be so if human ratio was the only basis for cogent argument.

Have you named yourself after Aluf Avraham Tal btw?

talnik said...


Nothing quite so esoteric; "Talnik" is a combination of my wife's initials and my step-daughter's nickname. P.S. I enjoy your site, I'm glad I found it, and have been recommending it often.

Charles Martel said...

"Ever wondered why conspiracy theories are getting so popular? People are feeling powerless and confused. Conspiracy theories give people a handle on a situation."

that has to be the best bit of common sense i've read in a long long time.

people certainly do feel powerless - the non-democratic nature of the European Union is a major factor in that.

The only government bodies that meet in secret, without any transcripts being released to the public are

the Politburo of the Cuban Communist Party
the Politburo of the North Korean Communist Party

and the

European Comission

and yet , leftist and pro-EU media in Europe has the balls to call George W. Bush a "dictator" or something similarly stupid.

i think i'll retire to Switzerland.

Kleinverzet said...

Hee Snouck:

Just posted my answer to yours on my blog. It was a tad too long to put in here, daarom.