Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Former Soviet Dissident warns of EU totalitarian drift

From Brussels Journal by the brilliant and very honorable Paul Belien an interview with a former Soviet dissident. Vladimir Bukovsky opposed the Soviet Utopia of progress and equality. Speaking on invitation of Fidesz, the Conservative Hungarian European fraction in the EU parliament he called the EU a:
“monster” that must be destroyed, the sooner the better, before it develops into a fullfledged totalitarian state.

Signs of the EU's totalitarian nature and similarity to the old USSR were that the:
ultimate purpose of the Soviet Union was to create a new historic entity, the Soviet people, all around the globe. The same is true in the EU today. They are trying to create a new people. They call this people “Europeans”, whatever that means.
It is remarkable how similar this is to the present Western States that are trying to abolish their people by Multiculturalism and Mass immigration. In this set-up the back ground of the population does not matter. Religion, ethnic background, gender are all regarded as irrelevant. Instead only the state defined markers of belonging are acceptable: the citizen has his social fiscal number, identity card, living on the state territory and status in the population register to decide what his rights are.

All citizens are perfectly equal to each other of course and any indications that this is different in reality have to be denied, to be heavily propagandised by the Mass Media, and by the class of politicians and civil servants. And these are not answerable to the citizens in any meaningful way: the average European Member of Parliament has 6 minutes speaking time alotted to him per YEAR! Not that the European Parliament has much to say. Basically it decides whether to approve the annual budget or not. It has zero power over EU-legislation, the business of the European Commission, accounting for 50 percent of all legislation on the national level of the respective member states.

Bukovsky points out the many similarities between the growth of the UE State apparatus and powers and the Soviet State and its power. The bureacracy got more and more to say. Opinion was circumcised by political correctness, especially with regards to equality of man and ethnic differences.

Someone from the British government told us that those who object to uncontrolled immigration from the Third World will be regarded as racist and those who oppose further European integration will be regarded as xenophobes.

The socio-economic system became more and more stuck. Ethnic minorities increased, especially Muslims from the Southern republics of the USSR. When it became obvious that the system could not be made to work, that increasing state power and bureaucracy were counterproductive, elites lost faith in the system and abandoned it. And then?
The recrimination between nations will be huge. It might come to blows. Look to the huge number of immigrants from Third World countries now living in Europe. This was promoted by the European Union. What will happen with them if there is an economic collapse? We will probably have, like in the Soviet Union at the end, so much ethnic strife that the mind boggles.
Ethnic Nationalism which has been repressed by the all-powerful state will not have dissapeared but have become more powerful underground:
Instead of withering away the Soviet state became a very powerful state, but the nationalities were obliterated. But when the time of the Soviet collapse came these suppressed feelings of national identity came bouncing back and they nearly destroyed the country. It was so frightening.
That is the effect of bureaucracy and ideology on societies. When reality does not conform to ideology the buraucracy tries to force reality. When reality still does not conform, they will criminilize dissent, so that people will not turn against those in power, the politicians and the bureacrats. In the end everybody will be caught up in a conspiracy of lies. Private dissent will run in objections because people feel instinctively that changing the system will lead to a breakdown of civil order. Finally the need to reform become overpowering and ethnic hatreds that have been buried will explode with a vengeance.

I remember visiting Yugoslavia in the early 80ies. People knew that war would break out if Tito and the Communists would go. Finally the system tottered on for a while after Tito died. People did not really want civil war and they tried to keep the genie in the bottle for as long as they could.

And now chaos is the main export of Yugoslavia. All across that new multi-national, multi-ethnic EU-empire with a growing Muslim presense.

A soft landing is possible, but we would have to dismantle the Union and end our allegiance to the idea of equality. The most murderous idea in the last hundred year or so.


José María said...

The more you learn about politics the more you realize that there is a social engineering, organized by elites, that is trying to destroy western civilization, races, freedom, religion, family, nations and any value that opposes their hidden agenda.

It is interesting to realize that as in former Soviet Union, "mental illness" will be their precious weapon against people we oppose them. In fact nowadays a Belgian citizen has been questioned by Police because he has been "too interested" with Holocaust revisionism, he has been freed with the condition of going to the doctor to "heal his mental illness".

Freedom is a gift, you have to fight for it.

Charles Martel said...

"Look to the huge number of immigrants from Third World countries now living in Europe."

small point - but in my younger days , i holidayed in Ibiza and Majorca (about a decade ago)

blissful. very Spanish. no hassle - very little crime. in fact - i felt very safe.

i went back to Ibiza about 2 years - the big difference?

lots of black Africans, pushing drugs on the streets of San Antonio. lots of Moroccans too. Friend of mine was mugged, another friend was robbed at knifepoint (in both cases, by Africans)

now - i dont blame those folks. They are trying to make a buck. I can understand that or even excuse it. they are in an alien world and find it difficult to adjust - hence they turn to crime.

my questions are:

who the hell let them in, in the first place?

who are the politicians that allowed that to happen?

and why did they think it was a good idea?

and why arent they accountable for the increase in crime?

i would ask those questions first, before using the scapegoat "blame the immigrants" train of thought. it has clearly gone seriously wrong, and yet , no EU bureaucrat has ever been made accountable for their actions in this matter.

Snouck said...

It is interesting to realize that as in former Soviet Union, "mental illness" will be their precious weapon against people we oppose them. In fact nowadays a Belgian citizen has been questioned by Police because he has been "too interested" with Holocaust revisionism, he has been freed with the condition of going to the doctor to "heal his mental illness".

Bukovsky himself was indeed diagnosed as a mental case. Can you give me a source for that Belgian?

I think indeed that the people who deal with revisionism in a society are eccentrics. You have to be a person of VERY strong convictions to go against the grain. There is no clearly demarcated border between sanity and insanity.

I just downloaded and read David Irvings book on General Rommel (1978). I am a history buff especially Second World War. Irving is not Insane. His treatment of General Rommel is the best I read sofar.

He also, on the sides deals with the atrocities commited by the Nazis, were it is relevant for the history on Rommel.

So how can he be a denier if he deals with atrocities in a book on a different subject. Possibly he is just refrasing stuff on the Nazi war crimes and even THAT is criminalised.

Unfortunately it takes a huge amount of time to form a well-founded opinion on these matters.

José María said...

Snouck, I give you the "Belgian source" as soon as I have realized you asked for it, some problems with my internet provider are delaying my answer.

Here is my source.

And, on September 19, Belgian reductionist Vincent Reynouard's house was ransacked by police. He was subjected to more than three hours of detention and hostile questioning. He is free on probation only if he submits to a psychiatric examination and ceases all Holocaust reductionist activities.