Thursday, March 02, 2006

Harsh and insensitive

A Correction

After having been rediculously generous in granting third worlders asylum for 15 years the Dutch corrected their attitude. Thousands of asylum seekers have been expelled after being turned down. The IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) has become very tightfisted in granting residence and work permits. Also the list with safe countries has been expanded. Asylum application from these countries are seldomly successful.

After restriction had come in force in 2003 the number of people entering The Netherlands annually dropped from roughly 45.000 to 4.400. News of the hars regime in Holland sent a ripple of apprehension through people looking for a new life accross the Third World and the smuggling operations. It soon became common sense to go to other European countries, instead of The Netherlands. However the number of applications icreased again to about 7.700 persons. With the large backlog of asylum applicants the IND had become a very strange and Kafkaesque organisation. In 2002 for instance it was impossible to know whether an application for a residence and study permit had been received at all. The IND sent out no confirmation and it is impossible to phone, e-mail, fax or visit the people who are dealing with any immigration business.

The creaking wheels of the IND

As an anecdote to illustrate how besieged the IND had become after more than a decade of being swamped by people trying to get into fortress Europe: in 2002 a friend tried to enter The Netherlands for purposes of study (7 months). I tried to visit and phone the IND offices near Schiphol Airport, but it was all without avail. The workings of the IND were a complete black box and the staff saw nothing wrong with that. In the end my friend bombarded all the IND fax lines with 10 thousands of faxes (pink with black spots) and e-mailed them that the fax bombardment would only stop if they confirmed receipt of the application.

The IND gave in and sent a fax confirming receipt of her application and that they had started to process her file. If they had not received the application, it could have been send again or she could have accepted job offers elsewhere.

Also I was recruiting IT staff before that, mostly from the EU, but also from other countries like Australia and the US. The low level of education of IND contact staff was striking and so was their general lack of understanding of the world around them. Most foreign IT staff wants to work as contractors on temporary contracts. The concept of temporary contracts did not exist in the IND. They just did not understand it. The only way to renew the work permit of an US-citizen who had lived and worked in The Netherlands for almost 10 years was if he had a permanent contract, the only kind of labour contract Dutch civil servants understand. Dutch civil servants CANNOT be fired. They cannot FATHOM why someone would refuse to work on a permanent contract. In the end it turned out that the IND understood a thing they called "interim manager" a phenomenon from the late 1970ies when many Dutch firms needed temporary crisis- and turn around managers. Nightmare.

International knowledge Society

The thing is, modern internationalised economies need a lot of people to come in work here for a few days, months or years and go out again. They often have important knowledge or contacts that have to be used for their firms on a specific spot on the globe. These people have no intention to become Dutch citizens or to become public charges in The Netherlands. Unlike the masses of Third Worlders who come here to work for a few years and then live off the welfare state and add to the increasing weight of that part of their Tribe already in the West.

Looking out for number one

Can you blame these people for wanting to improve their economic situation? Can you blame them for feeling Tribal or Religious patriotism and wanting to do their bit by increasing their power over Westerners. Of course you can't. Everybody tries to do his bit for himself. Those who feel an allegiance to a wider community like many of tthese Third Worlders do are in fact less selfish than the individualists that are the result of Western upbringing in the Era of individualism.

But adding them to our society and giving rights inevitably takes away the rights of ethnic Dutch citizens. And the ones who pay the biggest price are not the wealthy, the well-educated and the well connected, but rather the blue collar workers living in the areas were rents are low. Their neighbourhoods and schools are internationalised, their wages are undercut. They are powerless against the violence that people from the Third World apply so easily and they lack the clannishness to stand up to ethnic attackers.

The Left goes ape again

Well, because immigration policy in general and asylum policy in particular has become so much stricter lot's of people are being turned down by the IND under the new leadership of mrs. Verdonk. Observers would expect that particular painfull cases would be brought under the attention of the public by the media and those figures in society who are still dedicated to the idea of Multiculturalism and Mass-immigration. And the sentimental Dutch would never be able to withstand a sob story.

And indeed a group of film makers started a project on asylum seekers being refused asylum and send back to their countries of origin. Boo hoo. The stories came on television and incited the usual recriminations and calls for more lenience for poor immigrants. However, mrs. Verdonk showed real steely resolve, checked the stories of the asylum rejects and published the real stories in the Dutch press, showing that mostly these people had been lying to the gullible leftist idiot film makers. That turned around public opinion again.

The Kosovo Girl

Recently a girl from Kosovo, Taida Pasic (pic), 18 year old, who had been living in a rural area for some time was send back. She speaks Dutch well and had been studying in a good school. She and her parents had been sent back to the Balkan. They received 7.000 Euro's to start up a new life, paid for by the Dutch tax payer. Taida was near her final examinations and wanted to come back for a few months to write her exams in order to enter university in Kosovo. She applied for a tourist visa. The IND refused. She then went to France and bought a visa for 4.000 Euro's, from a corrupt French official.

Because she went to live with friends in The Netherlands and prepared for her exams. The IND found out about her, arrested her, and brought her to a detention centre to prepare her for a forced removal.

Her shocked friends organised publicity, her case came in the press, signatures were collected from the public demanding a visa for her, there were television programs about it, Maria van der Hoeven, Minister of Education requested that Taida be given permission to stay until she had written her exams and all kinds of pressure were put to Minister Verdonk. Minister Verdonk (Dutch) is now being vilified as a vampire, a Nazi, a Racist, a heartless monster, the usual.

Straight backed Verdonk

But she does not bend. Taida is going to be KICKED out of the country. Elsevier, a right wing magazine reported that Taida could have written her exams on the Dutch embassy in Kosovo. Opinion polls show that less then 30 percent of the population support Taida. 45 percent of the Dutchies support the Minister.

Good. No more bending over backwards.

Civil war: the Left and the Right

Look, I have sympathy for people who want to get their education. Taida wants to get ahead in life and who can hold that against her. Just like my friend who got her permit in 2002. But a "no" is a "no". What part of "no" is it that Taida and her bleeding heart supporters do not understand? NO!!!!! Taida F### OFF. And a message to the Leftists out there. F### OFF with the Nazi shit. I am sick and tired of it. I am going to hit anyone who uses it on me in the future. There are already millions of flippin' foreigners in this country who SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN LET IN AND SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN GIVEN PAPERS! For years we have been muzzled by the government and they been running over us. Hell, I voted for a dead guy in the 2002 elections. So did 1,6 million Dutch voters. Was that reasonable? No. I just voted for a dead guy to show that I was NOT going to be reasonable.

Mending a broken culture

If we get our society on the rails again. In The Netherlands. In Europe. In the USA. If we get rid of this impulse to hate the West and to run a permanent Anti-White campaign we will be able to be reasonable again. Society nowadays is a knowledge society. People need to be able to travel and to obtain a legal status so that they can study and work and contribute internationally. This is good.

There are limits to Whiteys generosity

There should not be a attitude that any limits imposed on non-westerners are a sign of "racism" or "discrimination" and similar sorts of twaddle. As soon as this ingrained habit of the Left to regard itself as moral judges over the rest of their compatriots and to go apeshit whenever they see it serving their agenda I will stop being the unpleasant, gun-slinging, witch-burning fascist that I am now. If the Left will allow us Conservatives a real vote and allow us to secure our rights (FOS, private property, free association etc.) and keep crime in check and our lands to our own kind we will overlook your pathetic infatuation with the State.

For all you Leftist out there. We lost Pim Fortuyn. We lost Theo van Gogh. The hard line attitude against pretty 18 year old Taida shows that we mean business. So far we have been peaceful and playing it by the rules. Patience is wearing thin though. Start playing fair. Giving passports to Muslims who are going to vote for the Left is NOT playing fair. Hiding overrepresentation of minorities in violent crime is NOT playing fair. Screaming "racism" when this is pointed out is NOT playing fair. Demanding an end to Freedom of Speech in the Cartoon affair is NOT playing fair. If you guys want a civil war, you have to keep charting the course that you have been charting sofar. So talk to your Leftist friends and pass on the warning. You will not be happy when you are hit by the anger of the Right.


JKayce said...

One comment about this Taida girl that causes the bleeding hearts to be scooped up in outrage over the fact that she is denied a permit: I don’t think she is that innocent. I had the strong gut feeling from the first moment I saw her overdone sobs and phony trembling voice that she has a very manipulative and willful mind, something that the leftist bleeding hearts seem to close their eyes for. They’d rather yield to the manipulation because it suits their agenda and gives them a fake feeling of being such wonderful people, while in fact they’re simply useful idiots in the eyes of the manipulators.
That is why I feel that lifting this girl up into sainthood by the Left while at the same time condemning Verdonk as a she-demon is so very unfair.
All the more praise for Verdonk for keeping her back straight in spite of leftist demonization.

I sincerely hope that the Dutch won’t fall back to giving their vote for the old leftist school, which tries very hard to manipulate people into expressing their discontent over the current government by voting for the Left, because then all WILL be lost. A vote for the Left equals euthanasia on a national scale.

Winston Smith said...

What do you think about Verdonk's decision to end the moratorium on extraditions to Iran? There are some Iranian Christians at risk of being persecuted if they're sent back, as well as some gay people. Opposition political parties are united against her, as are some VVD members (among them Hirsi Ali), and the Raad van Kerken.

So, should the Christians and gays stay in the Netherlands even though they've been refused asylum, or should they be sent back to almost certain death?

Wiag said...

@Winston: A prominent member of Leefbaar Rotterdam, Marco Pastors, said yesterday, when interviewed by the EO (Dutch) that in his view they could be send back, although that could lead to problems for these people. His reason was that it would lead to increased immigration from these countries, especially by these groups. He then added that you could also choose to give a general pardon for these people already here, as it is about approx. 10 of them, but added that he viewed the policy to deny such people entrance should stay in effect. He was then asked how Pim Fortuyn, a homosexual himself, would feel about this. Pastors said he thought Fortuyn would have said the same, although he wasn't sure.

These issues are much to difficult to make a simple judgement. I think politics should not be dealing with issues that's is just about a single or a few people. It does not matter which decision you make in governing, it will always lead to problems of some sort. The real world is too complex to be fair for everyone.

If you try to resolve problems created by another country, the real problems stay untouched. If every homosexual had the means to flea from Iran and you will get killed for being a homosexual as you say, they would all leave, but Iran would never get reformed on this level. New Iranian homosexuals will be born, even when the last one left.

Systems will only change when the forces within make it so. Is it nice or fair to them? Probably not. Are we obliged to help them? No. The government has to decide how we deal not with persons, but with groups and the system itself. A system that is nice for everybody will break down, and will stop being nice.