Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It is Written

JMaria (on Freedom of Speech),

"Ah, I know, there are Tribunals where differences can be settled!
So everybody has to be a hero and restrain himself of loosing self-control. But of course it cannot be asked anyone to restrain his "free speech" even if that could lead to quarrels.

Interesting theories, it seems to me another Western fetish. "

Westerners seem to have a pious faith in theories in defending the abstractest ideals. The more lofty their idealism, the closer to God they fancy themselves.

This is not mirrorred by the Asians, who are highly intelligent and have developed a enviable level of society and civilisation. I found a paper that traces expression or origin of the difference of the concreteness and pragmatism of China, Korea and Japan to the idealism and abstraction of the West in the writing systems. It is a long read. One for the die-hards.

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Charles Martel said...

good point. we westerners are hopeless idealists alright.

then again,its that idealism that got us to the Moon. and built the internet.

thats not to say that Korean, Chinese, Japanese civilisation doesnt have its good points. I really admire those societies, their work ethic and their sheer intelligence.

And they arent going around with suicide bomb belts praising Allah.

they are certainly welcome to the global community in my view. we need them and their industry/engineering as much as they need our idealism, ideas , entertainment and "art" for want of a better world.

There's a synergy between the two in Tokyo for example. i really must visit that city sometime. as for the islamic world - i'll give it a miss until they "get a clue" and join the rest of us in the 21st century.

one film i'm dying to see is "Syriana" ,due out soon. ok, its got leftist Clooney in it, but its based on the memoirs of a CIA agent. so , its not right or left - more grey. and its all to do with oil , corruption and the Middle East - no good guys or bad guys - just one hell of a mess.

watch out for it when it comes to your local cinema.