Saturday, January 07, 2006

Belgian Minister berates Dutch for tough line on immigration

Belgian Minister of the interior Dewael thinks The Netherlands is too strict for foreigners who want to immigrate using family reunification to enter. Vice-Prime Minister Dewael thinks The Netherlands is not in line with Europe wide agreements of the Council of Ministers, the unelected legislative body of the EU.

The Netherlands is stricter for Dutch non-western immigrants regarding family reunification, fake marriages and assimilation than Belgium. Dozens of immigrants to The Netherlands per year move temporarily to Belgium in order for them to import a spouse, so they can marry under Belgian law with a partner from the country of origin. Verdonk has few means to do something about this "road through Belgium".

Minister of Immigration and Assimilation Verdonk reported to Parliament recently that Belgium does not always check the residence and the income of applicants. In the Netherlands people who want to marry non-EU brides need to prove that they earn considerably more than minimum wage, before they can earn a bride.

Some background on these marriages: every summer ninety percent of Dutch Muslims go back to the countries of origin. They meet family there and have lot's of parties. During the frolicking the heads of families arrange marriages between youngsters of families. A marriage contract with a Muslim with a residence permit or a citizenship of a EU country is worth up to 30.000 Euros or Dollars above the sum for a normal marriages. This shows the huge economic net worth of EU citizenship for immigrants, financed by transfer payments by EU taxpayers. Various sons of Dutch Morroccan immigrants wrote interesting books about the summer festivity practice such as "Seaside Wedding" by Abdelkader Benali.

The marriages are a form of institutionalised nepotism to the financial and national detriment of the Dutch individual and nation.

Some background on the EU: EU legislation is prepared by the European commission, a body of bureaucrats appointed by the European Council of Ministers. The European Commission consists of 19 functionaries if I am not mistaken.

Legislation that has been prepared by the European Commission is then handed over to the European Council or European Council of Ministers. This is an ad-hoc body consisting of all the Ministers of every European member state that has the real power in the EU. If there is a matter with labour legislation the Labour Ministers of all EU countries will get together and in a wheeling and dealing way negotiate and vote on the legislation on the matter concerned that has been prepared by the legislators of the European Commission. If the piece of legislation is then accepted it become a European law. European laws are then send to the individual member states to be approved by all member states following the procedure that is constitutional and traditional in the country concerned. The role of either the European Parliament that people actually can vote for, is to rubberstamp all legislation and annual budgets.

Simply put the only action that the European Parliament, the elected body of the European Union can take is to NOT approve an annual budget. Which the Parliament has never done or even considered. Most people do not bother to vote in European elections anyway. In most countries about one in five voters bothers to vote in European elections. In some countries it is as much as one in three.

Fifty percent of all legislation made in the EU these days is made by the European Union. Only the other fifty percent is made using the constitutional democratic processes of individual member states.

People are waking up to the nightmare of the EU. During referenda on the EU constitution in 2005 more than 60 percent of French and almost 70 percent of Dutch voters voted against additional powers for the EU.

If you want to know more about the democratic nightmare that is the EU follow Paul Beliens' excellent blog "Brussels Journal".

The latest news on the European Unification process is that newly elected German Chancellor Andrea Merckel is trying to get the EU running again and become even more powerful at the expense of the citizens.

This is all such a flippin' joke.

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