Saturday, January 07, 2006

Mohammed Bouyeri, van Gogh's assassin wants to do his own defense

Mohammed Bouyeri, the man who killed Dutch filmaker Theo van Gogh, wants to speak in his own defense, rather than having his lawyer defend him. He has asked for an hour, confirmed his lawyer, Mr. P. Plasman.

The Amsterdam public prosecutor is currently prosecuting against the "Hofstadgroep" terror network. The "Hofstadgroep" consist of Dutch born and bred Muslims and converts who prepared and carried out attacks against Dutch citizens and organisations on Dutch soil. They regard themselves at war with The Netherlands and all Dutchmen are considered legitimate targets and their wifes and property as legitimate war booty under Islamic law.

The most well-known member of the "Hofstadgroep" is the aformentioned Mohammed Bouyeri for assasinating Theo van Gogh a few hundred meters from where this blog is being written.

The public prosecutor has opened cases for prosecution against fourteen alleged members of the group. In the mean time five suspect have been let go. Under Dutch law suspects have the right to defend themselves, and at the end of his own case Mohammed already received half an hour to explain his motives. At the time Bouyeri explained that he followed the example of Mohammed, the Prophet who killed poets and bards who were ridiculing him. The examples of the life of Mohammed, the Prophet are regarded as law by Muslims.

During his last defense speech he addressed himself to Theo van Gogh's mother, a very angry and determined lady, who, like her son, does not mince words. She called him "a pathetic loser" who "started his Jihad to make up for being a brainless f.u. without a future in The Netherlands" or words to that effect. Also she repeatedly stated to HATE the assassin and the Labour party morons who tried to cover up their mistakes in allowing large groups of unwashed Muslims into The Netherlands.

Bouyeri said that he could not understand her loss because he is a man and she is a woman and a mother and the experiences are too different for him to fathom her loss. Which makes sense actually. It is obvious that Bouyeri either has not been to sensitivity training or that sensitivity training does not prepare minorities to be interested in the perspective of Ethnic Dutch people.


eyesallaround said...

He has a fool for a client!

I think this type of murder must be even more difficult to deal with, because the murderer sees the victim as nothing more than a dog... much like a serial murderer sees his victims as having no value. They are rarely remorseful.

Snouck said...

I do not know what he is going to say. Bouyeri has been locked away for life. He is therefore a free man. Free to speak his mind. He can martyrize himself. He is regarded a martyr and a hero by young Dutch Muslims especially of Moroccan Ethnic stocks.

Being able to address his followers for an hour is too good an opportunity to pass up.

Man, as a kid I read all these books about Christian and Nationalist martyrs in jail and how the oppressor tried to deal with him. There is a saying: "het bloed der martelaren is het zaad der kerk" that is "blood of martyrs is the seed of the church".

If this half-wit manages only to make half-sense he still recruit more people to his cause. Killing more secular Dutchmen.

Anyway, it works for us too. As they kill more Dutchmen, the population will be more aroused.

Just think of the desperation of the Multiculturalists who are caught in the middle, seeing their paradise turned into an Armaggeddon.

Makes me laugh. They are the true fools for bringing us in this situation and being so smug and condescending towards Conservatives.

eyesallaround said...

"Just think of the desperation of the Multiculturalists who are caught in the middle, seeing their paradise turned into an Armaggeddon."

- I imagine the look will be much like the frozen stare of a deer caught in the head lights of an oncoming truck!